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Soyabean oil fatty acids

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neo-fat 132 | fatty acids, soybean-oil | soyafatty acids | industrene 225 | industrene 226 | emery 610 | soya oil acid | sojalfettsure | soy acid | soya bean oil fatty acid | soyafattyacids | fattyacids, soya | edenor ukd 5020 | emery vegetable fattyacid 618 | emeryvegetable fatty acid 610 | fettsuren, soja | toenol 1125 | prifac 8953 | nouracid se 30 | emery 618 | soybean-oil fatty acids | emery 614 | emery vegetable fatty acid 614 | fatty acids, soya | acids, soy

List of Suppliers

H&Z Industry Co.,Ltd

Company type: Analytical Institution
H&Z Industry Co.,Ltd is a large reliable and professional manufacturer of chemical materials and pharmaceutical intermediate. Additionally 1-(2-Fluorophenyl)piperazine monohydrochloride is supplied by us. H&Z Industry Co.,Ltd is supplier for Soyabean oil fatty acids. With about 10 years experiences in this field, now we are a capable provider of customized product, and we can provide gram level to ton level of products. What we can give to customers: thoughtful services, high-quality products, competitive price, Looking forward building long-term cooperative relationships with our business p ...
Country:   Phone: +86 18953157230   Telefax: +86 531 88905468

Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited, established in 2003, a state-controlled company (By Skyrun Corp. & High Hope) in China, specializing in developing, producing and handing raw pharmaceutical material and intermediates. Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd. is supplier for Soyabean oil fatty acids. We have expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd. also offers Amines, tri-C14-18-alkyl. We have extensive knowledge of domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. Our working range can be start from small amount in research stage to big bulk for industrial produc ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-576-84015261   Telefax: +86-576-84015261

Simagchem Corporation

Company type: Bulk chemical producer
Your partner in China for chemicals business. Simagchem Corporation is supplier for Soyabean oil fatty acids. AE-active ester is also served by Simagchem Corporation. Expertize in supplies and sources of fine, specialty, pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates. WE offer high quality products and JIT services with instant market intelligence in China, custom synthesis in our 3 production sites, famous principals as Brenntag, Univar,S inopec, Grace, Petrobras, DKSH, Formitex, Evonik, Merck, TCI, Sanofi, Chemo with creditable reputation and business cooperation.
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 592 2680 277   Telefax: +86 592 2680 237

Leap Chem Co., Ltd

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
LEAPChem, a specialized fine chemicals supplier for research, development and production. Leap Chem Co., Ltd is supplier for Soyabean oil fatty acids. LEAPChem provides nearly 50,000 rare and innovative chemical products to support the evolving needs of our customers in research & bulk manufacturing activities. As a highly customer-oriented enterprise, we are committed to providing high-quality customer services and products to our global customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We provide Chromium chromate as well. Our client list includes many m ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +852-30606658   Telefax:

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Suppliers and manufactures - with identical CAS number as Soyabean oil fatty acids

For the following products supplier are listed below:
    Soybean acid oil
    Fatty acids of soyabean oil, distilled

The following companies are not suppliers of Soyabean oil fatty acids . This companies are suppliers for equal products with the same CAS number. CAS: 68308-53-2

Supplier of

Soybean acid oil

(CAS: 68308-53-2)

BuGuCh & Partners

Company type: Analytical Institution
We, BuGuCh & Partners, are an international acting and innovative company, leading in developing and manufacturing. We operates major facilities in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, as well as facilities in China, Japan and Saudi Arabia operated through joint ventures. We maintain independently or are partners of some production sites in Europe, Asia and South America. 5-Hydroxy-8-undecenoic acid delta-lactone will be also provided by us. Our global network is a strength. Our products range from natural gas, oil and basic chemi ...
Country: Germany   Phone:   Telefax:

Supplier of

Fatty acids of soyabean oil, distilled

(CAS: 68308-53-2)

Miracema Nuodex Industria Quimica Ltda.

Company type: Analytical Institution
Additionally Barium nonylphenolate is supplied by us. We are established since 1954 and accredited into ISO 9002 rules since December 1992 manufacturing driers and paint additives, biocides, additives for lubricating oils, greases and oilfield chemical, hydrogenated products, fatty acids, catalysts, oxidized products, sulfonated products, esters, amides, foam-generating liquids for extinguishing fires and ore flotation agents
Country: Brazil   Phone: +55-19-3728 1000   Telefax: +55-19-3227-3821

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