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Shanghai NuoCheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Bulk chemical producer
Established in 1990, Shanghai Da Yu Biochemistry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture dedicated to the research and development of Calcium Carbonate. It mainly engages in Calcium Carbonate production, sell, and export. Da Yu has a variety of Calcium Carbonate, which can be widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and industrial area. Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) materials, are conforming to USP/EP/BP and Calcium Carbonate granule DC.

Da Yu was GMP registered with SFDA of China and obtained the ISO9001: 2000 certification. We also have got the CEP/COS in 2008. For more than ten years, Da Yu has gained high reputation in domestic and oversea markets depending on its superior products and sincerity service. Nowadays, Da Yu is the stable supplier of superior calcium carbonate raw material for many famous pharmaceutical, food and healthcare enterprises in world.

Our company is specially engaged in producing calcium carbonate granules DC with different formulations according to the customers’ requirements of particle size and bulk/tapped density which is widely used in producing calcium tablets directly and calcium chewing tablets etc. Meanwhile, we also produce different kind of granule intermediates, for example, magnesium carbonate granules, Glucosamine granules and so on.

Our company supplies customers in domestic and abroad with the OEM services of tablet compressing in 100,000 class GMP cleanroom, especially producing different weight of tablets particular shape, round shape and etc.) with the process of coating. Moreover, we could provide different tablets processing services, such as processing with supplied materials, production on contracts basis, processing according to supply samples, processing with brand and exporting services all over the world.
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Address Shanghai NuoCheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Rm.6007 Novel Building, No.887 Middle Huaihai Road
Shanghai-200020, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-64749208
Fax +86-21-64379012
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Homepage www.nuopharm.com

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