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Suppliers for CAS



CAS   18362-30-6 
Formula   C7H5ClO2 


15 Registered suppliers

Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd. P.R.China
Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd. P.R.China
Amadis Chemical Company Limited P.R.China
Leap Chem Co., Ltd P.R.China
SYNCHEM UG & Co. KG Germany
Fox Chemicals GmbH Germany
Win-Win Chemical Co., Limited P.R.China
Carbone Scientific Co., Ltd. U.K.
Ambeed, Inc. USA
Xingrui Industry Co., Limited P.R.China
BLD Pharmatech Ltd P.R.China
Suzhou Vosun Biotech Co.,Ltd P.R.China
BuGuCh & Partners Germany
CM Fine Chemicals Switzerland
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. USA

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