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Suppliers for CAS



CAS   471-34-1 
Formula   CaCO3 
EINECS   207-439-9 


52 Registered suppliers

Simagchem Corporation P.R.China
Aecochem Corp. P.R.China
Sancai Industry Co.,Ltd. P.R.China
Hangzhou Keying Chem Co., Ltd. P.R.China
H&Z Industry Co.,Ltd P.R.China
Xingrui Industry Co., Limited P.R.China
Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH Switzerland
Shanghai NuoCheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. P.R.China
Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH Switzerland
Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd. P.R.China
ICC Chemical Corporation USA
AXO Industry SA Belgium
ProChem, Inc. USA
Wuhan PharmChem Co., LTD. P.R.China
IBIS Chemie International India
Caesar & Loretz GmbH Germany
Arakato Development Ltd Hong Kong
X´ian Taicheng Chem Co., Ltd P.R.China
Create Chemical Co., Ltd. P.R.China
Anderson & Steinssen Inc USA
Krada CPS Industry S.L Spain
Lori Industry Co., Ltd P.R.China
Nantong Xindao Biotech Ltd P.R.China
Fox Chemicals GmbH Germany
Zehao Industry Co., Ltd. P.R.China
Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd. P.R.China
Shandong SanYoung Industry Co., Ltd P.R.China
Ambeed, Inc. USA
BLD Pharmatech Ltd P.R.China
Xiamen Equation Chemical Co.,Ltd P.R.China
AK Scientific, Inc. USA
Chemos GmbH & Co. KG Germany
BuGuCh & Partners Germany
Sarswati Polymer Industries Nepal
Calmags GmbH Germany
CG Chem. GmbH & Co. KG Germany
VMP Chemiekontor GmbH Germany
J. Allcock & Sons Ltd. U.K.
IMCD Pharma (formerly Mutchler Inc., Pharmaceutical Ingredients) USA
ICC Industries B.V The Netherlands
Brenntag Specialties, Inc USA
Chemical Distributors, Inc. USA
Ashland Inc USA
Chemische Fabrik Kalk GmbH Germany
Barrington Chemical Corporation USA
Mays Chemical Co., Inc. USA
Univar Solutions Inc. USA
Bruchem, Inc. USA
Hummel Croton Inc. USA
Magnesia GmbH Germany
GFS Chemicals USA
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. USA

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