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Nagaad Resins and Gums

Nagaad Resins and Gums
North Airport Road
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 11000 4051

Fax: +254 11000 4051

Nagaad Gums and Resins (Nagaad Gums) is a community based social enterprise company dealing in the production of 100% natural organic gums and resins and 100% pure certified Essential Oils and their related by-products.
Nagaad Gums, having inherited the business from its ancestors, has built on their knowledge to develop a sound business model. The Nagaad Gums business model uses ancient skills, and blends these with modern technologies to produce products of extraordinary value and quality. Nagaad Gums is proud to claim that the gums and resins are traceable from harvesting to the finished products.
Nagaad Gums has developed a wide network and partnership amongst many communities that harvest the gums and resins and supply the company. Using the ancient skills blended with modern technologies this has become an important source of income for many people.

With licenses to collect gums and resins from all regions of Eastern Africa, Nagaad Gums has already centralised its operations by constructing one processing factory in Kenya to serve the Eastern African region. A second processing factory is in the planning for Somalia. The factory utilizes state of the art technologies and is equipped with in house EU accredited laboratory facilities which carry out the requisite tests and analysis to ensure high quality products that meet and even surpass international standards. The laboratory equipment installed in the Nagaad Gums facility is GC/MS, FID and is uniquely designed to suit the processing of 100% pure Essential Oils. The methods of extraction employed include steam and hydro distillation as well as combined steam distillation. The efficiency and flexibility of Nagaad Gums plant facilities is changing the dynamics of gum, resin and essential oils supply in Eastern Africa.

Nagaad Gums is the only company in Eastern Africa that collects organic naturally grown gums and resins and extracts essential oils from wild forest trees and plants. Nagaad Gums are experts in the gum, resin and essential oils industry and the products are traceable from harvesting to the finished commodity.
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