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Janex S.A.

Janex S.A.
Place Bel Air 1
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: +41 21 617 33 13

Fax: +41 21 617 21 52

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Janex is a global distributor of bulk petrochemicals. We represent and source products from many of the world's leading chemical companies. We provide customers with reliable access to high quality products, often multi-sourced, and provide producers with new channels to market.

Our products include higher olefins including nonene, propylene tetramer and diisobutylene. Polyisobutylene, low and high molecular weight. Heavy alkylates (alkyl benzenes), linear and branched. High purity paraffins (95%+) single cut and blends. Plus many more Performance Chemicals – see janex.ch/en/products

Janex provides its customers with bespoke supply chain services, sourcing and delivering bulk chemicals to pier and door. Transport in parcel tankers, isotanks, flexi-bags, trucks & drums. Sourcing service to identify new product channels; storage solutions; financing support; advice on packing, handling and documentary requirements

Founded in 1982, Janex is an independent global service provider to the petrochemical industry. With offices in Switzerland and China we arrange the movement of chemicals to/from over 30 countries. Combining technical knowledge with experience of international trade and transport. Business philosophy of service excellence and long-term personal relationships. We have a strong balance sheet, extensive credit lines and registration as a REACH importer.
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