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The following company is listed as a supplier or producer of chemicals

Goly Chemical Co., Ltd

Goly Chemical Co., Ltd
Jinggangshan Road
266555 Qingdao, P.R.China
Tel: +86-832-55712326

Fax: +86-532-55712329

Goly Chemical Co., Ltd is a company, with Global focus, specializing in the following:
- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
- Organic intermediates
- Inorganic compounds
- Amino Acid Series
- Fluoro-Compound
- Carbohydrate

Goly was set up by a group of professionals who are experienced,energetic, honest, sincere, and enterprising.
We pledge to provide you high-quality products at competitive prices with timely delivery also custom synthesis and contract manufacture service.
We welcome your valuable inquiries!
Contact us for a win win situation in procuring right quality products.
You are in safe hands with Goly!!
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