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CM Fine Chemicals

CM Fine Chemicals
c/o Connect Marketing GMBH
Bahnweg Nord 35
CH-9475 Sevelen / SG, Switzerland
Tel: +41 81 740 58 51

Fax: +41 81 740 58 50

CM Fine Chemicals, being a privately owned Swiss company, has been manufacturing and providing fine chemicals, intermediates and reagents to all kind of industries and research organizations all over the world.

Since 1997 our high quality fine chemicals are used from lab to commercial quantities in many different applications.

We are your innovative, flexible and reliable partner for any hard-to-find molecule!

Whether a complex compound or just hard-to-find - we can supply a cost effective material with a high sustainable quality.

Some of our strong product groups are:
- Alcohols
- Aldehydes
- Amines
- Aromatics
- Boronic acids
- Botanical extracts
- Carboxylic acids
- Chiral compounds
- Fluorinated compounds
- Heterocyclics
- Nitriles
- Ketones
- Phosphorus compounds
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