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Anderson Development Company

Anderson Development Company
1415 E. Michigan Street
Adrian, USA


Anderson Development Company is an award winning specialty and custom chemical manufacturer with a commitment to serving customer needs in safety, environment, quality, productivity and value-added professionalism.

Our innovative line of borates are used in making the top brands of cholesterol lowering and hypertension reducing pharmaceutical products. In addition, Anderson Development serves a wide range of customers with borate applications that include electronic chip manufacturing, chemical intermediates, catalysts, fuel and lubricant additives, wood preservatives, adhesion promoters, liquid crystal manufacturing and more.

Anderson Development Company is one of the world's largest merchant producers of specialty borate esters to the industry. Anderson Development is a global supplier of a varied product line that includes TiPB, TEB, TnBB, TnPB, TChxB,& TTBB, as well as a variety of boranes, like Pinacol Borane, Catechol Borane, and Borane THF. Major pharmaceutical suppliers are very pleased with ADC's pricing, quality, service and responsiveness, as well as knowing that the key products are being produced under cGMP. New offerings from Anderson include Dioxaborinanes and Dioxaborolanes, Biborate Esters, Alkanolamine & Trialkanolamine Borates as well as novel Triphenylboron coordination complexes. Many of Anderson's specialty borate esters can be used in the Suzuki coupling reaction as well as in other synthetically useful transformations.
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