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Categories based on hydrazinylidene: acetamide acetate acetic acid amine amino aminothioxomethyl aniline anthracenone benzenesulfonyl benzonitrile benzothiazole benzoxadiazole biguanide bromo bromophenyl butan butanoate butanoic carbamothioyl carbamoyl carbonitrile carbonyl carboxamide carboxylate chloro chloroacetic chlorophenyl cyan cyano cyclohexa cyclohexylamino diazinane dicarboxylic dichlorophenyl dien diene dienecarboxylate dienone diethyl difluorophenyl dihydro dihydrochloride dihydroindole dihydropyridine dimethylamino dimethylaniline dimethylcyclohexane dimethylphenyl dinitrophenyl dione diphenyl diphenylacetyl disodium disulfonate disulfoni entol ester ethanamide ethanoate ethanol ethoxy ethoxybenzothiazol ethoxyphenyl ethyl ethylidene fluorophenyl furanyl hexan hexane hexanedioic hydrate hydrochloride hydroiodide hydroxy hydroxymethyl imidazole inden indol methoxy methoxyphenyl methyl methylaminophenyl methylphenyl naphthal naphthalen naphthalene naphthalenesulfonic naphthalenone naphthalenyl nitrophenyl nitropyridin nitroso oxobutanamide pentane pentanedioic pentanoate pentanoic phenoxyphenyl phenyl phenylmethyl propan propanamine propanedinitrile propanoate propanoic propanoylamino pyran pyrazole pyridin pyridine quinolin quinolinesulfonic sodium sulfanylidene sulfo sulfonate sulfonyl sulfophenyl tetrahydro tetro tetrol thiazolyl thioxomethyl thyl trifluoromethyl trimethyl triol trione urea ylidene ylideneamino

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