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Categories based on heptaen: acid amine amino aminopiperidine aniline azaniumyl azatetracyclo azatricyclo benzene benzyloxy bromo butanedioic carbamoyl carbonyl carboxamide carboxylate carboxylatophenyl carboxylic carboxymethyl chloride chloro chlorosulfonyl cyclopropylmethyl dial diazaheptacyclo diazapentacyclo diazatetracyclo diazatricyclo dibutyl diethyl dihydronaphthalene dihydroxy dimethyl dioate dioic diol dione dioxatetracyclo dioxo disodium ester ethan ethyl fluorophenyl glucopyranose glucopyranosyl guanidine henicosa heptadeca heptamethyl heptamethyloctacosa hexadeca hydrochloride hydroxy hydroxyethoxy methoxy methyl methylamino methylpiperazin nitro nonacosa octacosa octadeca octahydrogenio octahydrogeniopiperazin olate oxatetracyclo oxidanesulfonic pentacosa pentadeca pentan phenyl phenylthio piperazin piperidin piperidine propyl sulfonatophenyl tetracosa tetramethyl thia triazaoctacyclo tricyclo trihydroxyoxane trimethyldocosa ylidene ylium

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