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Categories based on Acids, Fatty: acid acids acrylate acrylic adipic alkyd alkyltrimethylenediamines amino aminoethyl aminopropyl anhydride azelaic benzoic bisphenol branched butylbenzoic castor chloromethane coco compds cottonseed dehydrated diethylenetriamine diglycidyl dimers dimethylamino dipentaerythritol epichlorohydrin esters ethanol ether ethoxylated ethyl ethylene ethylenediamine ethylhexanoic fatty glycerin glycerine glycerol glycol hexamethylenediamine higher hydrogenated hydroxyethyl isononanoic isophthalic linear linoleic linseed maleic methacrylate mixed neopentyl peanut pentaeryt pentaerythritol phthalic phthalicanhydride polyalkylenepolyamines polyethylene polyethylenepolyamine polyethylenepolyamines polyglycerol polymer polymers product products propanediamine propionic propylene quaternized reaction resin rosin sebacic soya soybean stearic styrene synthetic tall tallow tert tetraethylenepentamine triethylenetetramine trimellitic trimers trimethylolethane trimethylolpropane unsatd with

IUPAC name
Acids, Fatty

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