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Sodium nitrate

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nitrate, sodium | chile nitre | sodium nitrate(dot) | etabisulfite | industrial sodium nitrate | nitric acid sodium salt | sodium nitrate acs crystals | soda niter | e251 | soda-nitre | niter | cubicniter | nitric acid ammonium salt | nitric acid, sodium salt | nitrate de sodium [french] | sodium(i) nitrate (1:1) | nano3 | nitric acid monosodium salt | niter (van) | cubic niter | chile-niter | nitrate de sodium | sodium nitrate for industrial use | nitratine | chile saltpeter | saltpeter (chile) (van) | nitersee | caliche | nitrate of soda | saltpeter (chile) | sodium saltpeter
Molecular Weight:

Suppliers & Distributors

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registered suppliers of Sodium nitrate worldwide
Listed are 22 international and reliable suppliers for Sodium nitrate. They are coming from 6 countries around the world. These vendors belong to 6 different business types like 'Supplier of chemical products' and 'Import & export company'
Please contact all the below listed distributors/manufacturers for Sodium nitrate and ask for prices, package standards and transport possibilities. Our registered distributors will help you to get all necessary information and product specifications.

List of Suppliers

Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
Our purpose is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community – and through that, we aim to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere. We provide scientists and engineers with best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services. We are supplier of Fenamiphos sulfoxide. Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH is supplier for Sodium nitrate. With the 2015 combination of Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich, we now have a broad portfolio of 300,000 products and an expanded global footprint. We are dedica ...
Country: Switzerland   Phone: +41 81 755 28 28   Telefax: +41 81 755 28 15

Rochem International Inc.

ROCHEM was founded in 1994 by Ms. Rochem International Inc. also offers Potassium zirconium hexafluoride. Frisch as an importer of Pharmaceutical, Food and Nutritional Ingredients of Chinese origin. ROCHEM's initial success and sustained growth are the result of Ms. Frisch's many years of experience in one of China's largest state-owned Import & Export chemical companies. Rochem International Inc. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. These relationships have supported our development of new API’s, writing and filing DMF/COS as well as our appointment as Exclusive Agents for many top Chinese manufac ...
Country: USA   Phone: +1-631-738-1188   Telefax: +1-631-738-1199

Chemos GmbH & Co. KG

Company type: Supplier of chemical products
Chemos is a leading supplier of chemical specialties for your research and production needs. We are supplier of Butyl triphenyl phosphonium fluoride. Everything new starts small and needs specific support during scale up and production. Chemos GmbH & Co. KG is supplier for Sodium nitrate. With over 25 years of experience in the fine chemical market Chemos is supporting research institutions and chemical companies in Europe and America. Chemos is a sourcing and distribution company with a grown and strong network of custom manufacturing companies and chemical producers from around the ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49-871-966346-0   Telefax: +49-871-966346-13

Shenzhen Jinchang Chemicals Co., Ltd

Jinchang Holding Limited is a main suppliers of Chinese chemcials and pharmaceutical raw materials. Since its foundation in 1994, Jinchang Holding Limited has been developing rapidly. Shenzhen Jinchang Chemicals Co., Ltd is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We provide alpha-Pyrrolidone as well. Now under the group, it has Jinchang International Forwarding Co., Ltd., Wuhan Jinchang Chemicals & Scientific Development Co., Ltd and five joint venture factories in China. Jinchang Holding Limited also is the sole agent of eight chemical manufacturers. More than 100 variety chemicals has been ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-755-25181046 / 25181264   Telefax: +86-755-82179 705

CHEM 2004 B.V.

Company type: Import & export company
We are an importing, distributing and exporting company of all kind of chemicals and Pharmaceutical raw materials. CHEM 2004 B.V. Additionally Calcium formate is supplied by us. is supplier for Sodium nitrate.
Country: The Netherlands   Phone: +31 15 25 75 900   Telefax: +31-15 25 72 505

Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
We are proudly marching ahead into the 21st century to become the world's leading multinational chemicals company. Being a manufacturer and a supplier of Organic / Inorganic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Food / Feed Additives, Food, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Cosmetic colors and Intermediates, we will always develop businesses under the themes of 'environment', 'health' , 'quality', 'price' and 'service'. Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Alkylbenzene sulfonic acid will be also provided by us. Our teams of highly skilled technical, sales, marketing, manufacturin ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-28-8608-0938   Telefax: +86-28-8608 2869

CG Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG

Company type: Supplier
CG Chemikalien GmbH & Co.KG is one of the leading chemical suppliers in Germany and was founded in Laatzen near Hanover in 1962. We sell Sodium saccharin as well. CG Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Since then, the company-owned family business has continuously evolved and established itself in many markets. We operate world-wide, expand continuously and are proud to excel with a high degree of flexibility. All of our business partners can rely on smooth cooperation, short communication channels and consistent high quality. ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 511 87803 0   Telefax: +49 511 87803 66

Kinbester Co., Ltd.

Company type: Bulk chemical supplier
Kinbester Co., Limited is a leading technology based supplier of organic chemicals in China. The major businesses of our company are: 1. Kinbester Co., Ltd. also offers Anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonic acid disodium salt. Kinbester Co., Ltd. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Supply high purity organic reagent. 2. Supply intermediates for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuff, electro-chemicals, cosmetics, perfume etc. 3. Custom manufacturing and co-developing new chemicals under signing secret agreements. 4. Investment in fields of pharmaceuticals and intermediates ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-592-5550592   Telefax: +86-592-5550518

Zehao Industry Co., Ltd.

The Shepherd Chemical Company was founded in Norwood, Ohio, in 1916. We are a fourth-generation company and a custom manufacturer of Inorganic Metal Salts and Organic Metal Compounds to the global marketplace. Zehao Industry Co., Ltd. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We are supplier of Ethyl mesitylacetate. Our long-standing success is built upon technical expertise, supplier reliability, and customer relationships. Our goal is to supply the marketplace with high quality metal compounds as standard or customized products. Our capabilities are comprised of our man ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-531-81901329   Telefax: +86-531-81901329

Coyne Chemical Co. Inc.

Coyne has extensive experience in identifying the right solutions, because important characteristics of each ingredient can vary by application and supplier. Our team continually provides manufacturers the appropriate chemicals to improve production and maintain competitive supply. We are Strategically Positioned to provide world-class service and High Standards of Quality. Coyne Chemical Co. Inc. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We are supplier of Sodium nitrate. Our ISO Certification, NACD Responsible Distribution© Verification, and vendor quality assura ...
Country: USA   Phone: +1-(215)785-3000   Telefax: +1-(215)785-1585

Fox Chemicals GmbH

Company type: International Supplier
Fox Chemicals GmbH is a young, dynamic and full-service supplier and distributor of speciality products and laboratory equipment, representing quality manufacturers around the world. Fox Chemicals GmbH is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Additionally 5-Fluoro-2-nitrobenzaldehyde is supplied by us. These strong and narrow partnerships with the producers, give the advantage to the customers, to get a very competitive prices, a short delivery time, the documents important and indispensable for his work, and at all events, a common business in the mutual respect and the transparency. ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 7240 927151 / 9449333   Telefax: +49 7240 927150 / 9449334

Leap Labchem Co., Ltd

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
LEAPChem, a specialized fine chemicals supplier for research, development and production. LEAPChem provides nearly 50,000 rare and innovative chemical products to support the evolving needs of our customers in research & bulk manufacturing activities. We are supplier of Pentafluoroethyl trifluorovinyl ether. Leap Labchem Co., Ltd is supplier for Sodium nitrate. As a highly customer-oriented enterprise, we are committed to providing high-quality customer services and products to our global customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our client list includes many m ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-571-87755464   Telefax: +86-571-87756549

ProChem, Inc.

ProChem, Inc. was established in 1986 to supply quality chemical products at competitive prices. Antimony(III) isopropoxide will be also provided by us. ProChem, Inc. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We are now celebrating 30 years of chemical manufacturing. Our philosophy at ProChem Centers on our customers Needs and the Quality of our products.
Country: USA   Phone: +1 (815) 398-1788   Telefax: +1 (815) 398-1810

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

Company type: International Supplier
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. now offers over 140,000 specialty biochemicals under our ChemCruz™ brand. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. rrSanta Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. is focused on the ongoing development of research reagents. It is our goal to continue to offer the broadest range of reagents in the field. We are seller of 1-Ethynyl-3,5-difluorobenzene. We also provide superior, innovative primary antibodies and support products.rr
Country: USA   Phone: +1 800-457-3802   Telefax: +1-831-457-3802

Caesar & Loretz GmbH

Caesar & Loretz GmbH is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We sell Hop strobile, cut as well. Als Partner der weiterverarbeitenden pharmazeutischen Industrie und von Kosmetika, Lebensmittel, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel oder Medizinprodukte herstellenden oder in Verkehr bringenden Unternehmen konzipieren wir maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für die Optimierung von Rezepturen, Herstellung von Bulkwaren, Abfüllung, Konfektionierung von Fertigwaren, Arzneimittelprüfung/-zertifizierung und Qualitätssicherung. As a partner to the processing pharmaceutical industry as well as ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 2103-49940   Telefax:

VMP Chemiekontor GmbH

Die VMP-Chemiekontor GmbH ist aus dem Wunsch heraus entstanden, wieder zurück zu dem zurückzukehren, was wir vor Jahren schon waren. Einem erfolgreichen und am Markt geschätzten Familienunternehmen bei dem der Kunde im Vordergrund steht. VMP Chemiekontor GmbH also offers Chitosan. Die Gründer und auch einige Mitarbeiter der VMP sind alles ehemalige „Gewächse“ eines erfolgreichen Chemikalienhändlers. VMP Chemiekontor GmbH is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Wir sind ein traditionell agierendes Handelsunternehmen für chemische Rohstoffe mit Sitz in Siegburg, das am 01.07.2012 ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 2241 265660   Telefax: +49 2241 26566-99

Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH

Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH is a leading Swiss distributor founded in 1987 with main activities in the market of life science, food ingredients, industrial chemicals and cosmetic raw materials. We provide D-Glucosamine as well. Beside our headquarter in St. Gallen we have an office in Shanghai, warehouses in Rotterdam and St. Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Gallen with a logistical network serving the Swiss and EU market. Hädener Rohstoffe GmbH is a partner to the raw material processing industry, developing tailor made solutions, offering a coh ...
Country: Switzerland   Phone: +41-(0)71223 5218   Telefax: +41-(0)71223 5219

Aecochem Corp.

Company type: Supplier
Xiamen Aeco Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd(Short as Aecochem) Your Partner in China, a Professional chemical raw material supplier, our main products including the Epxoy Chemical ,Petro Chemical,Pharma Intermediate,Fine Chemicas and Life Science etc. Aecochem Corp. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Methyl thioglycolate is also served by Aecochem Corp.. We consists a team of professional analytical department,complete QC&QA under strict SOPs, experienced sale and after-sale service, efficient logistic support, one-stop service is our great advantage, to benefit ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-592-5998717   Telefax: +86-592-5554527

Hangzhou Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Ocean Chemical Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive chemical enterprise which mainly integrates R&D, production, marketing business of chemical in lab-pack, semi-bulk and bulk-quantities. .Located in predominant industrial and commercial environment, Ocean Company consists of organic dept, inorganic dept, Rare earth dept.rnThe Ocean Organic Dept is engaged in 1. Piperazine derivatives, 2. Hangzhou Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. 3-Fluorophenylacetonitrile is also served by Hangzhou Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd.. Triazole derivatives, 3. Pyrrolidone derivatives, 4. Special fatty amines, 5. Polyure ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 571-88025872 / +86-571-28272092   Telefax: +86 571-88025871

Puyer BioPharma Ltd.

Company type: Manufacturer
Puyer is a high-tech enterprise of biopharma and chemical industry founded by a group of doctors at home and abroad who work together with professional management team.The company specializes in the production, R&D and sales of APIs, intermediates, fine chemicals, nutraceuticals, crop science, animal health, CRO,CMO,CDMO and other products. Puyer BioPharma Ltd. is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We provide Ethylene glycol distearate as well. More than 300 kinds of products can be produced in batches, which are widely used in high-end fields such as medicine, chemical industry, ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 513 89157626   Telefax: +86 513 89158198

VICCOR Industry

Company type: Bulk chemical supplier
VICCOR INDUSTRY international distributor of industrial raw materials for food, beverage, cosmetics, nutritional and chemistry. Whether your business is in pharmaceuticals, food, biotechnology or surface coatings, we meet the highest industry standards and conform to the most stringent International protocols. Tap into our global network and long-term experience in sourcing specialised chemicals. VICCOR Industry is supplier for Sodium nitrate. We understand your needs, we provide solutions. Furfural will be also provided by us. Above all, we exceed y ...
Country: Poland   Phone: +48 729621727   Telefax: +48 790 508539

Xingrui Industry Co., Limited

Company type: Leading producer
Xingrui Industry CO., LTD. Xingrui Industry Co., Limited is a seller of Coriander oil. is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The products involved fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates, cosmetic raw materials and so on. The company is ranked among the outstanding producers in the fine chemical industry. Xingrui Industry Co., Limited is supplier for Sodium nitrate. Xingrui Industry always strive to be the most reliable partner of our customers, and strive to build a customer-trusted, socially respected, world-class fi ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-531-88980365   Telefax: +86-531-88980365


1.1 g/mL at 25 °C
Boiling Point:
83 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting Point:
306 °C (dec.)(lit.)
H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
white crystalline solid

Safety Information

Risk Codes:
8-22-36/37/38-36/38-34-36 (R)
WGK Germany:
UN 1498 5.1 / PG 3
Storage tempuraturx:
Store at RT.

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Supplier for

Sodium nitrate FCC

(CAS: 7631-99-4)

Salsbury Chemicals, Inc.

Company type: Manufacturer and Distributor
For many of us sourcing specialty research chemical is time consuming and daunting task. We specialize in Chemical Sourcing and procurement which can optimize your purchasing process for specialty chemical. Salsbury Chemicals, Inc. also offers Pyrazine-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester. Additionally, we will evaluate and process your custom synthesis requests to known and reliable suppliers. Benefits of Sourcing with US : • Access to resources : Access to multiple search engines along with Supplier databases.Additionally, we provide acces ...
Country: USA   Phone:   Telefax:

Supplier for

Sodium nitrate solution

(CAS: 7631-99-4)

Mineral Research & Development

Mineral Research and Development (MRD) is a basic manufacturer of high quality, inorganic, metallic salts. MRD has been in business since the early 1960's and were acquired by Laporte, Inc. in the mid 1980's. Our major product areas include general industrial products, micronutrients, fungicide-bactericides, and galvanizing flux. We are seller of Zinc ammonium chloride solutions.
Country: USA   Phone: +1-704 525-2771   Telefax: +1-704 527-8232

Supplier for

Sodium nitrate, Pharma

(CAS: 7631-99-4)

CellMark AB

CellMark Chemicals is a global supplier of chemical products with 15 offices, located worldwide. Cetyl stearate will be also provided by us. We specialize in Sourcing, Sales & Marketing, and Custom Manufacturing specialty chemical products. We deal primarily with organic, inorganic, specialty, fine chemicals, performance minerals, and active ingredients. We sell our portfolio of more than 700 products in the Industrial and Health, and Personal Care markets. Our teams operate in the following countries: Asia: Ch ...
Country: Sweden   Phone: +46 31 100300   Telefax: +46 31 136421

Supplier for

Sodium nitrate, Reag.

(CAS: 7631-99-4)

Jost Chemical Co.

Jost Chemical is an FDA Registered manufacturer of USP/EP/JP/ACS/FCC grade high purity chemicals which are primarily used by the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutritional industries. Our St. Louis, MO based manufacturing facilities follow bulk pharmaceutical cGMP and are BSE/TSE free. All products are manufactured and tested in house. Jost can meet your requirements for heavy metals, particle size, packaging, etc. We are supplier of Sodium sulfate anhydrous, Pharma. Please contact us if you have special product requirements t ...
Country: USA   Phone: +1-314-428 4300   Telefax: +1-314-428 4366

GFS Chemicals

Company type: Producer
GFS is a specialty chemical manufacturer located in Columbus Ohio. We provide Zinc perchlorate 6-hydrate as well. We manufacture over 4000 chemicals for organic and inorganic chemistry.
Country: USA   Phone: +1-740-881 5501   Telefax: +1-740-881 5989

Chemos GmbH & Co. KG

Company type: Supplier of chemical products
Chemos is a leading supplier of chemical specialties for your research and production needs. We supply our chemical product Butyl triphenyl phosphonium fluoride. Everything new starts small and needs specific support during scale up and production. With over 25 years of experience in the fine chemical market Chemos is supporting research institutions and chemical companies in Europe and America. Chemos is a sourcing and distribution company with a grown and strong network of custom manufacturing companies and chemical producers from around the ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49-871-966346-0   Telefax: +49-871-966346-13

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