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Sasol UK Ltd.

Through Sasol proprietary technologies and processes the main products we produce are: fuel components, chemical components and co-products. From these main products and further value-adding processes we deliver diesel, petrol (gasoline), naphtha, kerosene (jet fuel), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), olefins, alcohols, polymers, solvents, surfactants, comonomers, ammonia, methanol, crude tar acids, sulphur, illuminating paraffin, bitumen and fuel oil. Sasol UK Ltd. is supplier for 2-Butanone. We are supplier of n-Paraffins. Even further process ...
Country: U.K.   Phone: +44-1564-783 060   Telefax: +44-1564-784 088

Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd. is supplier for 2-Butanone. We provide Dibenzyl disulfide as well. Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies inorganic fluoride chemicals and flame retardants (IPPP, APP, micron magnesium hydroxide, micron aluminum hydroxide, etc) Metal chemicals ( bismuth salts, Copper salts, Chrome salts Tin salts, Nickel salts, Manganese salts, Zinc salts series, and Iron chemicals), Flux water treatment chemicals (sulfur, Boron, heavy metal), Organic Catalysts, Organic compounds ,Oil and oilfield chemicals, Air treatment chemicals ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-21-68451592 / +86-135-08470405   Telefax: +86-21-68450923

Leap Labchem Co., Ltd

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
LEAPChem, a specialized fine chemicals supplier for research, development and production. Leap Labchem Co., Ltd is supplier for 2-Butanone. LEAPChem provides nearly 50,000 rare and innovative chemical products to support the evolving needs of our customers in research & bulk manufacturing activities. As a highly customer-oriented enterprise, we are committed to providing high-quality customer services and products to our global customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We are seller of 7-Iodo-6-methoxy-4-quinolinol. Our client list includes many m ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-571-87756549   Telefax: +86-571-87755464

Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited, established in 2003, a state-controlled company (By Skyrun Corp. & High Hope) in China, specializing in developing, producing and handing raw pharmaceutical material and intermediates. We provide Tenatoprazole as well. Skyrun Industrial Co., Ltd. is supplier for 2-Butanone. We have expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. We have extensive knowledge of domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. Our working range can be start from small amount in research stage to big bulk for industrial produc ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-576-84015261   Telefax: +86-576-84015261

Product Details

Properties: Productname(s) : 2-Butanone / Molecular Structure : / Formula : C4H8O / Molecular Weight : 72.10572 / Synonyms : ; butanon ; butanone ; 2-butanal ; meetco ; omnisolv ; c2h5coch3 ; mek ; fema 2170 ; 2-butanon ; meketone / Density : 0.806 / Boiling Point : 80 °C(lit.) / Flash Point : 26 ºF / Melting Point : -87 °C / Hazard Symbols : F, Xi, T / Risk Codes : 11-36-66-67-39/23/24/25-23/24/25 / Safety : / Superlist Name : / Solubility : / Appearance : / EINECS : 201-159-0 / Transport Information : / Source : / Particular : / Availableforms : / Occurrence : / Method : /
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Suppliers and manufactures - with identical CAS number as 2-Butanone

For the following products supplier are listed below::
    AstroBio K 2
    Methyl ethyl ketone
    Methyl ethyl ketone, Reag.

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AstroBio K 2

(CAS: 78-93-3)

BCH Brühl - Chemikalien Handel GmbH

Company type: Supplier
We are an international trading company for chemical raw material in each industry. In 1991 we started with the sales of raw materials used in the resin- and coatings industries. We provide 5-Methyl-3-heptanone as well. We continue with chemicals used in the flavour and pharmaceuticals. Nowadays we have some specialties for each industry and add more and more, whatever our customers are looking for.
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 2232 93307-12   Telefax: +49 2232 93307-9
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(CAS: 78-93-3)

Ningbo Pangs Chem Co., Ltd.

Company type: Producer
Pangs Group 1) Ningbo Pangs Chem Co.,Ltd. . 2-(2,6-Dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-nitroisoindoline-1,3-dione is also served by Ningbo Pangs Chem Co., Ltd.. registered in end of 2002; 2)Pangs Brazil Servios E Marketing Ltda,Sep,2011 registered in Sao Paulo,brazil; 3) Pangs Chem Internacional S.A.De C.V., oct,2013 registered in Mexico City, Mexico; 4) Pangs Chem Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi,nov.2013 registered in istanbul,turkey; 5) ooo Pangs Chem Russia, feb.2014 registered in moscow, russia; 6)Pangs Chem hk Limited, jun.2014 registered in hongkong; 7) ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-574-2766 6848   Telefax: +86-574-2766 8686

Lonwin Industry Group Limited

Company type: Leading producer
Lonwin industry group limited.is a comprehensive chemical enterprise which mainly integrates development, production, marketing ,import and export business. We sell Trisodium citrate as well. The company is located in the beautiful tourist city- shanghai with predominant industrial environment and commercial environment. As a technology innovative and service professional enterprise, the company mainly engages in global pharmaceutical, chemical and biological service. After years of development, the ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-59885030   Telefax: +86-21-65080210
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Supplier for

Methyl ethyl ketone

(CAS: 78-93-3)


Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
Sigma-Aldrich supplies Analytical, Chromatography, Spectroscopy, and Microbiology products for separation, purification, identification, and detection applications within the Life Science, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, and Agricultural industries. We are supplier of Squalane. Sigma-Aldrich is part of the Merck Group.
Country: USA   Phone: (800) 521-8956   Telefax: (800) 325-5052

Beckmann-Kenko GmbH

Company type: Internat. trading company
Our company BECKMANN-KENKO GmbH is a joint venture between Beckmann Chemikalien KG in Germany founded in 1977 and Kenko Corporation in Japan founded in 1965. We are a young and ambitious import/export company. Acting independently and on behalf of a selected number of internationally renowned principals, we resource and market speciality chemicals. Beckmann-Kenko GmbH also offers Lysozyme. Located in Bassum, Germany we also have our own office in Shanghai, China and warehouse facilities of 3000 square meters with ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 4241 9308-0   Telefax: +49 4241 9308-30

AP Chemicals Ltd.

Our main scope of business are worldwide trading, processing and distribution of bulk petrochemicals and Base Oils and petroleum products - Gasoline and its blending Components - Polymers and Fertilisers and Agrochemicals. p-Xylene will be also provided by us. Our long experience in petrochemicals, petroleum and agrochemicals has given us the possibility to continuously develop our portfolio.
Country: Belgium   Phone: +32 3 201 6220   Telefax: +32 3 201 6230

ICC Chemical Corporation

World-wide manufacturer and supplier of chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients. We are seller of Calcium pyruvate.
Country: USA   Phone: +1-212-521-1700   Telefax: +1-212-521-1946

VMP Chemiekontor GmbH

Die VMP-Chemiekontor GmbH ist aus dem Wunsch heraus entstanden, wieder zurück zu dem zurückzukehren, was wir vor Jahren schon waren. Einem erfolgreichen und am Markt geschätzten Familienunternehmen bei dem der Kunde im Vordergrund steht. Die Gründer und auch einige Mitarbeiter der VMP sind alles ehemalige „Gewächse“ eines erfolgreichen Chemikalienhändlers. n-Butyl benzoate is also served by VMP Chemiekontor GmbH. Wir sind ein traditionell agierendes Handelsunternehmen für chemische Rohstoffe mit Sitz in Siegburg, das am 01.07.2012 ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 2241 265660   Telefax: +49 2241 26566-99

Aecochem Corp.

Company type: Supplier
Xiamen Aeco Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd(Short as Aecochem) Your Partner in China, a Professional chemical raw material supplier, our main products including the Epxoy Chemical ,Petro Chemical,Pharma Intermediate,Fine Chemicas and Life Science etc. 3-(Methylthio)propionaldehyde will be also provided by us. We consists a team of professional analytical department,complete QC&QA under strict SOPs, experienced sale and after-sale service, efficient logistic support, one-stop service is our great advantage, to benefit ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-592-5998717   Telefax: +86-592-5554527
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Supplier for

Methyl ethyl ketone, Reag.

(CAS: 78-93-3)


Company type: Producer and Supplier
Based on more than 40 years of experience in well esteemed companies working in the field of chemicals and testsets scienTest was founded by Friedrich - Wilhelm Wesemann. 4-Bromophenethylamine is also served by scienTEST. We are sales and marketing partners of leading producers of high quality items such as a large range of practice proven testsets and Eilsakits for nearly all analytical (but mainly environmental) issues. Further we are offering a broadly based range of laboratory chemicals, reagents, high puri ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49 (0) 5037- 300154   Telefax: +49 (0) 5037- 300155

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