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scienTEST - bioKEMIX GmbH

scienTEST - bioKEMIX GmbH
Loccumer Straße 16
31633 Leese, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 5761 - 90821 75

Fax: +49 (0) 5761 - 90821 75

Based on more than 40 years of experience in well esteemed companies working in the field of chemicals and testsets scienTest was founded by Friedrich - Wilhelm Wesemann.

We are sales and marketing partners of leading producers of high quality items such as a large range of practice proven testsets and Eilsakits for nearly all analytical (but mainly environmental) issues.
Further we are offering a broadly based range of laboratory chemicals, reagents, high purity solvents, bulk chemicals for R+D and deuterated compounds*.

Our products:
Our Caldur-water-test-kits are produced in a facility in Neuenburg/ Rhein which also contains a modern laboratory for creating not only new items for the large delivery programme but also developing tailor made test kits for your purposes.

The Elisakits for environmental use are manufactured by “Immunolab” in Kassel. One of the best known producers in Europe.
A name that stands for quality.
These kits for food and feed analytics are accompanied by immunoaffinity columns.
The comprehensive range of “Immunolab kits” covers the areas of actual interesting the increasing awareness of food quality.
Also we are working on a considerably widened range of Elisa-Kit. Therefore, please ask us for what ever you may need.

Chemicals and reagents
Out of our modern and flexible stock- and shipping branch, equipped with a filling station in which we are able to fill bulk products into custom tailor made packaging. More than 10.000 products are contained in our catalogue. All best selling laboratory chemicals are in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Specialities like peptide and biochemical reagents, stains and indicators, linkers, food additives and many more are completing the range.

Laboratory equipment and glass apparatuses:
We are also a competent point of contact in the field of laboratory-, medicine- and research equipment. In the facility in Garbsen we have a large quantity of items from the smallest beaker up to highly sophisticated instruments. In the well equipped workshop we are able to manufacture glass apparatuses ourselves according to your needs and uses.
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