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Jiangxi Time Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Time Chemical Co., Ltd.
C Park of JinXi XiangLiao Industry
Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86-794-7183877

Fax: +86-794-5269678

Time Chemical is the world leading manufacturer of the Super Acid, trifluoromethanesulfonic acid, also known as triflic acid, with production capability of 30 tons/month. It holds about 1,200,000 sf manufacture area with 15 standard workshops in the city of Fuzhou, in Jiangxi Province of China.
Jiangxi Province is one of the largest producers of Fluorite(CaF2), which is the major source of industrial fluorine. Time Chemical is located near one of the largest fluorite mine in Jiangxi, which gives us an easy access to the starting materials. At the same time, our patented electrochemistry techniques have also lowered the cost of manufacturing. Time Chemical aims to improve its customer satisfaction through not only the pursuit of operational excellence, but also the innovation of new products. In the two R&D sites of Time Chemical (time shanghai research institute and Jiangxi fluorine chemical engineering center), our scientists are turning their cutting edge techniques into productivity.
Time Chemical offers triflic acid, triflic anhydride, lithium trifluoromethane-sulfonate and other 27 fluorinated compounds for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronic industries. We are making great effort to pursue steady growth and aims to become the world competitive fluorine chemical manufacturer.
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