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The following company is listed as a supplier or producer of chemicals

Cosutin Industrial Co., Limited

Cosutin Industrial Co., Limited
Nathan Road, MongKok Kowloon
Hong Kong, P.R.China
Tel: +852 2139 5855

Fax: +852 8167 3777

Cosutin Industrial Co., Limited has a team with over 17 years experience in fluorochemical industry. We have three factories produce all kinds of chemical products, including blowing agents and refrigerants in Zhejiang Province, flame retardants for PU in Jiangsu Province, addictives in Jiangsu Province of China. After more than 17 years striving, we have been exporting refrigerants and blowing agents to all around world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU, American and Africa. We also blend many kinds of blends and mixture for our customers. Such as buying HFC-365mfc from Solvay and blend it with our R-245fa @90:10 to 60:40.
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