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European hazard symbols

European hazard symbols (1999-2007) defined by the European Union are pictograms for chemicals for containers (for transportation) and labeling chemical packaging (for storage and workplace). They are now standardized by the CLP/GHS classification.

pictogramcode definition
symbol T Toxic (like e.g. Methanol, Methanal, Sulfuric acid, Carbon disulfide)
symbol C Corrosive (like e.g. Nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, White phosphorus )
symbol N Dangerous for the environment(like e.g. Turpentine, Lead, Crude oil )
symbol E Explosive (like e.g. picric acid, nitroglycerin, acetone peroxide )
symbol F Flammable (like e.g. Hexamine, Gasoline, Acetone )
symbol F+ Extremely Flammable (like e.g. Propane, Butane, Carbon Disulfide, Ethanal )
symbol Xn Harmful (like e.g. Ethanal, Naphtha, Hexamine, Butane )
symbol Xi Irritant (like e.g. Acetone, Ethanol, Sodium hypochlorite )
symbol O Oxidizing (like e.g. Oxygen, Nitric acid, Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium permanganate )
symbol T+ Very toxic (like e.g. White phosphorus, Nicotine, Prussic acid, Carbon monoxide, white phosphorus )
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