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MetChem Resources FZE

Firmenart: Großmengen Chemikalien Produzent
Metchem Resources FZE is the member of an international mining & metal conglomerate having presence in India, Africa and Middle East and clients spread over the world.

Ceasing opportunity, exploring natural resources and venting into new market is our strength. On the other hand a thorough understanding of related customer behaviour, their aspiration and technical parameters have developed Metchem to be a competitive and assured value chain provider for manufacturing communities internationally.

Due to its significant presence across the globe, Metchem is able to mitigate the risks involved in international commodity trade and thereby gaining a competitive edge in the pricing of its products.

Adresse MetChem Resources FZE
P.O. Box 261269,
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telefon +971 48876303
Fax +971 488763046
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