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Contract Chemicals Ltd.

Firmenart: Großmengen Chemikalien Produzent
[Important Editor's note April. 2022:
The company no longer exists or has any business activities in the field of chemical products distribution.]

Contract Chemicals Ltd. was an independent UK based manufacturer of fine and speciality chemicals. Core capabilities lied in amination, bromination, cyanation, epichlorohydrin chemistry, Friedel-Crafts reactions and thionyl chloride technology. Product applications covered a broad range and included intermediates for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, flavour, fragrance, textile and photographic industries.

Adresse Contract Chemicals Ltd.
Penrhyn Road, Knowsley Business Park
Prescot, Merseyside, L34 9HY, U.K.
Telefon +44-151-548 8840
Fax +44-151-548 6548

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