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Carbone Scientific Co., Ltd.

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Carbone scientific is located in London, UK. We are mainly engaged in the marketing development, R&D, technical support and service. Carbone scientific provides fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients to the global marketplaces. Our aim is to make those most popular products available to these pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research organizations and university labs worldwide.

Our online catalogue has already listed over 50,000 products and over 15000 products in stock. Any customers could be easily to select any products from our online catalogue for creating purchase orders. The very competitive price and lead time information are available for you after you register at our web site
Carbone Scientific Co., Ltd. bietet 7167 Chemikalien an. Einsicht auf die Produktliste nehmen

Adresse Carbone Scientific Co., Ltd.
Sales Department
Suite LG01, Chancery House, Chancery Lane
London, U.K.
Telefon +44 (0)203 769 4441 ext 1
Fax +44 (0)203 769 4441 ext 2
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Kontaktperson Ms Carol Lee (Sales Department)
Homepage www.carbonesci.com

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