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4-Amino-3-[(2-chlorophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-[[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]naphthalene-2,7-disulfonic acid, sodium salt



CAS number
Chemical Name:
4-Amino-3-[(2-chlorophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-[[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]naphthalene-2,7-disulfonic acid, sodium salt
Molecular Formula:
C28H20 Cl N7 O7 S2 . x Na
2,7-naphthalenedisulfonicacid, 4-amino-3-[(2-chlorophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-[[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]-,sodium salt (9ci) ; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonicacid,4-amino-3-[2-(2-chlorophenyl)diazenyl]-5-hydroxy-6-[2-[4-(2-phenyldiazenyl)phenyl]diazenyl]-,sodium salt (1:?) ; 4-amino-3-[(2-chlorophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-[[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]-2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid/sodium,(1:x) salt ; 4-amino-3-[(2-chlorophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-[[4-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]naphthalene-2,7-disulphonic acid, sodium salt

Product Specifications

Molecular Weight:
710.04776 g·mol−1

Safety Information

Hazardous Substances Data:
Non-Regulated Material ¹


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