N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate - supplier and manufacturer 4-Methyl hydrogen L-aspartate, H-Asp(OMe)-OH, L-Aspartic acid-4-methyl ester, N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1 4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate,
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N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate

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Salsbury Chemicals, Inc.

Company type: Manufacturer and Distributor
For many of us sourcing specialty research chemical is time consuming and daunting task. Salsbury Chemicals, Inc. is a seller of Esketamine Impurity C. We specialize in Chemical Sourcing and procurement which can optimize your purchasing process for specialty chemical. Additionally, we will evaluate and process your custom synthesis requests to known and reliable suppliers. Salsbury Chemicals, Inc. is supplier for N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate. Benefits of Sourcing with US : • Access to resources : Access to multiple search engines along with Supplier databases.Additionally, we provide acces ...
Country: USA   Phone: +1-(800) 2471800   Telefax:

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Properties: Productname(s) : N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate / Molecular Structure : / Formula : C5H10NO4 / Molecular Weight : 148.14 / Synonyms : h-asp(ome)-oh ; 3-(methoxycarbonyl)alanine ; aspartic acid 4-methyl ester ; l-aspartic-beta-methyl ester ; l-aspartic acid-methyl ester ; l-aspartic acid-4-methylester ; 4-methyl hydrogen l-aspartate ; -methyl hydrogen l-aspartate ; l-asparagine acid-4-methyl ester ; l-aspartic acid beta-methyl ester / Density : / Boiling Point : / Flash Point : / Melting Point : / Hazard Symbols : / Risk Codes : / Safety : / Superlist Name : / Solubility : / Appearance : / EINECS : 218-540-2 / Transport Information : / Source : / Particular : / Availableforms : / Occurrence : / Method : /

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Suppliers and manufactures - with identical CAS number as N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate

For the following products supplier are listed below:
    4-Methyl hydrogen L-aspartate
    L-Aspartic acid-4-methyl ester

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The following companies are not suppliers of N4-(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)-N1-[4-[[(1-butyl-6-quinolin-1-iumyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl]benzene-1,4-dicarboxamide; 4-methylbenzenesulfonate . This companies are suppliers for equal products with the same CAS number. CAS: 2177-62-0

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4-Methyl hydrogen L-aspartate

(CAS: 2177-62-0)

Finipharma Ltd

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
FINIPHARMA LIMITED is a specialized API&chemical supplier for research, development and production. FINIPHARMA LIMITED is one of the leading suppliers in the API,intermediate and chemical industry. Finipharma Ltd is a seller of 2,2-Difluoropropylamine hydrochloride. We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our clients, providing high-quality customer services and products to our global clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The management team has over ten years experience within the international market .Ou ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 513 85337953   Telefax: +86 513 85337953

Leap Labchem Co., Ltd

Company type: Bulk and laboratory supplier
LEAPChem, a specialized fine chemicals supplier for research, development and production. LEAPChem provides nearly 50,000 rare and innovative chemical products to support the evolving needs of our customers in research & bulk manufacturing activities. As a highly customer-oriented enterprise, we are committed to providing high-quality customer services and products to our global customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Additionally 5-(Diethoxymethyl)oxazole is supplied by us. Our client list includes many m ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-571-87756549   Telefax: +86-571-87755464

Acinopeptide Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading Producer
Acinopeptide Co., Ltd. is a seller of H-Asp-Tyr-Met-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2. Acinopeptide is expert on Peptide & Amino Derivatives _________________________________________ PRODUCT LINE: + Pharmaceutical Peptide + cosmetic peptide + catalogue peptides + Antimicrobial Peptides + Amino Acid Derivatives + Alpha-Amino Acids + Beta-Amino Acids + Beta-Homo Amino Acids + Peptide custom synthesis + Nucleotides _________________________________________ OUR ADVANTAGE IN THE ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 28 61 98 77 05   Telefax: +86 28 61 98 77 05
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Supplier for


(CAS: 2177-62-0)

GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
H-D-Lys(Z)-OMe.HCl will be also provided by us. GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd. (GLS) is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of diverse biochemicals and fine chemicals, especially peptide, peptide reagents and related products. Featured Products Peptide coupling reagents: BOP reagent, HBTU, HOBt, TBTU... Fmoc-amino acids, Boc-Amino Acids, Z-Amino Acids Protecting reagents: Fmoc-Cl, Fmoc-OSu... Linkers for solid phase synthesis: HMP linker, DHP linker, Rink amid ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-21-61263333   Telefax: +86-21-61263300

AK Scientific, Inc.

Company type: Supplier
AK Scientific provides fine chemicals and advanced intermediates to our customers worldwide. We provide Isonicotinic acid as well. Currently, we have over 16.000 in stock, ready to ship products, at our California warehouse and this number is increasing weekly. All these products are stocked in multiple, convenient, sizes to fit your specific needs. Purchases are shipped on the same day your order is placed (before 4PM, Pacific Time) to ensure on-time delivery. AK Scientific products can be searched by Name ...
Country: USA   Phone: +1 (510) 429-8835   Telefax: +1 (510) 429-8836

Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.,is a leading producer and supplier of chemicals industry in china. We supply our chemical product Ethyl 5-bromonicotinate. By integrating people, technology and potential, we endeavor to make contribution to the betterment of human society. We develop, produce and distribute high quality pharmaceutical chemicals, special chemicals and other fine chemicals.
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-531-88032799   Telefax: +86-531-85821093

Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
J&H Chemical is one of China's leading providers of integrated fine chemical services including offering, research and development, Custom manufacturing business, as well as other Value-added customer services, for diversified range products of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and specialities. We are seller of 4,5-Dimethyl-3-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone. As a highly customer-oriented enterprise, we always believe "Customer first, service foremost", put forward innovation, continuously improve pipeline, integrate our broad range of ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-571-87396430 / 87396432   Telefax: +86-571-87396431
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Supplier for

L-Aspartic acid-4-methyl ester

(CAS: 2177-62-0)

Pt. Sarana Bela Nusa

We have been exporter of Patchouli Oil,Vetyvert Oil,Citronella Oil,Nutmeg Oil, Cananga Oil,Massoia Bark,Ginger Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Cloveleaf Oil to U.S.and European countries markets since 1986. We can offer you the above said oils of the highest quality at a very reasonable price and hope you will take the opportunity to try it. We are seller of (R)-2-Aminobutanoic acid.
Country: Indonesia   Phone: +62-21-4714 735   Telefax: +62-21-4714 736

Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Hangzhou DayangChem Co. Ltd is a comprehensive entity which specializes in development, production and trade of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and dyestuff intermediates as well as some special type reagents. We are supplier of Carbamoylguanidine. We have an own factory and share enterprises. We act also as agent of many chemical factories and promote their products to the international market at very competitive price. We take "Credi first, Clients supreme" as our aim. We expect to cooperate with more partners ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-571-88938639   Telefax: +86-571-8893-8652

KHBoddin GmbH

Company type: Producer and Supplier
- Serving customers - KHBoddin GmbH is the customer's choice as a supplier for chemical raw materials, intermediates and specialities because of its close relationship with its business partners. Additionally 2-Bromothioanisole is supplied by us. We constantly endeavour to offer services beyond the frontiers of conventional business. Detailed knowledge of the various markets and close contact with the producers allow us to offer our customers commodities, 'specialities' and what are referred to as 'unique ...
Country: Germany   Phone: +49-(0)40-2271 2913   Telefax: +49-(0)40-2271 2930

Kinbester Co., Ltd.

Company type: Bulk chemical supplier
Kinbester Co., Limited is a leading technology based supplier of organic chemicals in China. 1,1-Cyclopropanedicarboxylic acid will be also provided by us. The major businesses of our company are: 1. Supply high purity organic reagent. 2. Supply intermediates for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuff, electro-chemicals, cosmetics, perfume etc. 3. Custom manufacturing and co-developing new chemicals under signing secret agreements. 4. Investment in fields of pharmaceuticals and intermediates ...
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-592-5550592   Telefax: +86-592-5550518

Simagchem Corporation

Company type: Bulk chemical producer
Your partner in China for chemicals business. Expertize in supplies and sources of fine, specialty, pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates. WE offer high quality products and JIT services with instant market intelligence in China, custom synthesis in our 3 production sites, famous principals as Brenntag, Univar,S inopec, Grace, Petrobras, DKSH, Formitex, Evonik, Merck, TCI, Sanofi, Chemo with creditable reputation and business cooperation. Additionally 4-Heptyloxyphenylboronic acid is supplied by us.
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86 592 2680 277   Telefax: +86 592 2680 237

Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.

Company type: Leading producer
Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.,is a leading producer and supplier of chemicals industry in china. By integrating people, technology and potential, we endeavor to make contribution to the betterment of human society. We sell Ethyl 5-bromonicotinate as well. We develop, produce and distribute high quality pharmaceutical chemicals, special chemicals and other fine chemicals.
Country: P.R.China   Phone: +86-531-88032799   Telefax: +86-531-85821093

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