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The publication of chemical products on BuyersGuideChem follows some basic rules.
Details on the basic principal are to be found under About BGC.

BuyersGuideChem is a large directory. Many suppliers and many products are listed.
Therefore we offer some possibilities to improve the presentation. Detailed information on the products and special placement of the suppliers allow to extend the information and to set up a special placement.

The Presentation of Products
Products are registered and issued by there chemical names.

Product details
We offer to publish short detailed descriptions for each product.
Visit Example for product details and click the yellow mark CD details . You can see an example. Our customers can publish such individual product description (text) for each product - for free.

Star Products
There are key products which are very important for a producer or a supplier. We invite our customers to publish three products as Star Products - for free. They are issued in front of all other suppliers. Open the Example for a Star product and click the yellow bar.

To submit Product details and Star products use Member's Page

The Ranking of the Suppliers
The ranking of the suppliers follows internal rules. Generally the suppliers will be issued in a random order. Small companies are privileged to a high degree.
Visit the suppliers of 2-Aminophenol. You can see the listing of about 25 suppliers.

Privileged Suppliers
On the top of the listing you can find a few companies with a darker background.
These companies have ordered the publication as a "Privileged Supplier". This presentation is charged with an extra price of 50%.

The Top 10
On the top of the dark lines there are the Top 10 suppliers. These are issued in a fixed ranking - Top1 to Top10up. They are charged with an extra price up to 100 %.

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