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How to Search

The Advanced Search enables to preselect specific product groups first. From this group you may select the product wanted.

Using this search enter short characteristic parts (strings) of the product wanted into the input fields according to the example.
Hydroxy-2- naphthylamine-3,6-disulfonic acid
Then click on the button "Search Now". With this example about 100 products will be listed which contain all search strings in the name.

Three important remarks:
1. Select such parts of the name (strings), which are really critical.
2. Input only one string in one input field.
3. Do not use jokers like ? or * and no commands like "and", "or"

Improving search

Too many products can be displayed during search - or no product. In these cases search strings must be modified to improve the selectivity. There are a few possibilities:
1. Too many products found
Please start a new search increasing selectivity by using stricter criteria.
  • Use three search strings.
  • Use longer search strings. Replace naphth by naphthyl or naphthylam for example.
  • Use search strings which are more characteristic for the product wanted.
  • Searching for short names use the option "Display short product names only".
2. No product found
Please start a new search using looser criteria.
  • Check for typewriting errors first. Use correct English spelling.
  • Use shorter search strings.
  • Use less search strings, probably only one.
  • Type only one search string in each input field.
  • Make sure that you did not use spaces within the search string. A space is handled by the program like a normal character.
  • Avoid questionable search strings such as dimethyl / di-methyl.
  • Start a new search by product name
3. About product names
BuyersGuideChem contains mainly products under their chemical names. Trade names such as Red 108 or Ziram, or group names, such as pesticides, polyesters, pigments can also be found, as well. The choice of names depends mainly on thesupplier.

Many products are listed under different synonymous names like
  -   Dodecanal - Laurylaldehyde
  -   Isopentyl bromide - 1-Bromo-3-methylbutane
  -   Methyl benzoate / Benzoic acid methyl ester
In these cases two independent searches may be necessary.
Searching by CAS number can overcome the problem caused by different names.

4. Display short product names only
Sometimes it is quite difficult to find short product names e.g. Pyridine. They are covered by all the derivatives which contain the search string. (In the case of pyridine there are more than 5000 derivatives). Use the option "Short product names only" and all long names will be suppressed. Alternatively you may use the Direct search

5. Avoid questionable search strings
Many products are named differently and the spelling may be different, too. Buyer's Guide Chem mostly uses the product designation given by the suppliers. Choose only such search strings which are not doubtful. There are some examples:
  • Antimony trioxide, Antimony oxide or Antimony(III) oxide?
    Search for antimon and oxide.
  • Benzyl acetate or Acetic acid benzyl ester?
    Search for benzyl and acet.
  • di-Potassium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate or Potassium phosphate dibasic?
    Search for potass and phosph.
  • 4-Nitrophenol, p-Nitrophenol or Paranitrophenol?
    Search for nitro and phenol.
  • iso-Propylamine or Isoproylamine?
    Search for propyl and amine, and for iso if necessary.
  • Nickel(II) chloride 6-hydrate or Nickel chloride hexahydrate?
    Search for nickel and chlor, and for hydr if necessary.
6. Language
BuyersGuideChem uses English product names and group designations only. Please select search strings accordingly.

7. Capitalization
Capitalization is not necessary. Both lower case and upper case characters may be used; the program does not differentiate between the two.

8. Greek characters
can not be used because the browsers can neither read nor write them. They are paraphrased (alpha, beta ..) in the listings. They should not be used as search strings.

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