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amlodipine impurity 25

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Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc.

Aozeal Certified Standards,Inc is an innovation driven laboratory engaged in drug impurities research, custom synthesis with customers' desired purity, characterization and quantity for over 10 years. Up to now our products have been highly approved by many worldwide pharma companies. Our main products cover drug impurity standards, intermediates and other pharmaceutical reference substances. For all ready stock products we can ship to you at the earliest with super competitive price.

Posaconazole and LCZ696 key intermediates are now available for bulk commercial quantities quote: POS-A (CAS#149809-43-8), POS-B (CAS#184177-83-1), Sacubitril/valsartan (LCZ696) intermediate (CAS#1012341-50-2).

Send an inquiry on amlodipine impurity 25 to Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc.

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