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HP-55 Hydrophobic Agent:Special Waterproofing Agent For Exterior Wall

is a Star Product of
Henan Botai Chemical Building Materials Co. Ltd.

Henan Botai Chemical Building Materials Co. Ltd.

General information
Registration name: HP-55 Hydrophobic Agent:Special Waterproofing Agent For Exterior Wall
Other product names:
02Ht-402 hexamethyldisiloxane (hmdo)
Medetomidine Impurity 13
Hexamethyldisiloxane HMDSO
CAS number 107-46-0 Structure
EINECS: 203-492-7
Formula: C6H18OSi2

Detailed information on the Star Product
HP-50 uses a high-tech carrier and slow release technology, which allows the active substance to be released in time after encountering water, and to form water-enhanced protection after the substrate is cured. As a hydrophobic additive, can be used in cement and mineral as raw materials for dry mix mortar system, prevent the absorption of water in the material capillary/hole, greatly reduce the water absorption of the base material, to provide excellent hydrophobic properties of the material. Especially suitable for sealant, putty, waterproof mortar, as well as external wall insulation system plastering mortar, decorative mortar.

HP-55 is suitable for
- Impermeable cement-basedmortar system
- Waterproof motar,sealing mortar,decorative mortar
- Putty,joint fillers,plastering mortar,binder,etc
- Plaster,plaster base products

Construction operation
- Excellent mixing performance,rapid wetting and no dust
- No adverse effect on construction
- Good compatibility

Hardening stage
- Excellent hydrophobicity
- Greatly reduce water absorption
- Improve anti-fouling ability
- Very low organic volatile matter emission

HP-55 can be mixed with other dry materials to produce a cement-based powder. The mixing time
should be shortened as far as possible to avoid the temperature rise caused by high shear force
and the production of small particles of resin. The recommended dosage is 0.2-1.0%, depending on
the final demand of the product. It is recommended to shorten the mixing time as much as possible. HP-55 has good compatibility with redispersible polymer powder, early strength agent, retarder, cellulose ether and other mortar additives.

Information on the supplier

Henan Botai Chemical Building Materials Co. Ltd.

Henan Botai Chemical Building Materials Company Ltd.is a company that formed 17 years ago and belongs to VICTO (H.K.) Chemical Group whose headquarters is located in Hong Kong.

We have three production base located in the middle of CHINA producing :
VINNATE Redispersible polymer powder
SMF/PCE Superplaticizer
PP fiber
Potassium Diformate
Zinc/Calcium Stearate

These materials listed above are used mainly in Dry mortar additives , feedstuff industry and personal care industry . and the products are exported to more than 50 countries all over the world with good quantity and reputation .

We have built three laboratory in Zhengzhou , Shanghai and Puyang city that are certified by the third party. We have enough ability to help customers improve the formulations and provide solutions .

Supplying efficient and valuable service is our target. Safety and environmental protection is our limit. Honest operation is our principle. For any information, please contact with us.
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