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This product is offered by Hefei Hirisun Pharmatech Co., Ltd
To get more information or to order this product please contact the company directly.

Please contact Mr./Mrs. Wayne,   email: sales@hirisunpharm.com
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Product name 1,3,4,6-tetrakis(Methoxymethyl)glycoluril 
Quantity 1 kg
Price USD 120
Supply terms HR013070
electrical grade for photoresist using
Payment terms: Net 30 days
Packaging: 1bottle/kg


Company name Hefei Hirisun Pharmatech Co., Ltd
Mr./Mrs. Wayne
Address 4F-06,Xiangjiangguoji Bldg1, No.6232 Yulong Rd, Binhu
Email sales@hirisunpharm.com
Phone +86 551 62678551
Fax +86 551 62678551
Additional information Hefei Hirisun Pharmatech Co., Ltd located in Hefei China, is one of leading and developing as well as customer focused Biotech enterprise, specialize in providing high quality fine chemical, novel biochemical reagents and pharmaceutical intermediates mainly in milligram to multi-kilograms. We always think globally and provide our products and services for pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise, research as well as academic institutions at home and aboard. The company is launched by many well educated experts with professional experience in the field of biochemical, and builds well cooperation relationship with many international enterprises. With the hope of advancing technology progress and improve the quality of human life, it is our lifelong pursuit of promoting biochemical science progress.

Published on 27.12.2018    

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