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This product is offered by Nutratrade srl
To get more information or to order this product please contact the company directly.

Please contact Mr./Mrs. Giorgio Reali,   email: g.reali@nutratrade.it
The product offered regular suppliers
Product name Lactoferrin 
Quantity 100 kg
Price 780 EUR / kg
Supply terms Bovine Lactoferrin made in Europe is hard to find in the market at the moment. Book it now below 800 EUR / kg


Company name Nutratrade srl
Mr./Mrs. Giorgio Reali
Address via P Mafalda 61
Garbagnate Milanese
Email g.reali@nutratrade.it
Phone 00393487607190
Fax 00000000000000
Additional information Nutratrade srl has more than 1500 ingredients for the nutraceutical industry. Natural red rice extracts, curcumin, bromelain milk thistle are the most sold in Italy.

Published on 04.11.2018    

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