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Antimony-Oxide , High Purity Masterbatches

This product is offered by Shanghai Juyuan Flame Retardant Material Co.,Ltd
To get more information or to order this product please contact the company directly.

Please contact Mr./Mrs. Kent Zhou,   email: antimony_sales@juyuanep.com
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Product name Antimony-Oxide , High Purity Masterbatches 
Quantity 1-20tons
Price 7000-8000usd
Supply terms For antimony trioxide flame retardant masterbatch carriers like PP, PBT, PE, ABS, EVA, etc., please contact us for further details.


Company name Shanghai Juyuan Flame Retardant Material Co.,Ltd
Mr./Mrs. Kent Zhou
Address Room.605, No.1509 Cao´an Road, Fu-rui Building, Jiading District
Email antimony_sales@juyuanep.com
Phone +82-21-62578668
Fax +86-21-52664766
Additional information Shanghai Juyuan Flame-Retardant Material Co., Ltd is an enterprise professionally producing and managing antimony trioxide and flame-retardant masterbatches, whose production base is located at Yiyang in Hunan province. In addition, the company has RMB 0.2 billion Yuan of total assets, which can produce 10000t Sb series of products every year. Its Sb series highly-processed products, such as environment-friendly antimony oxide, superfine antimony oxide, dust-free antimony oxide, ethylene glycol antimony, and sodium pyroantimonate, can meet demands of users of different levels with unique performances and superior quality and reputation, which are deeply trusted by customers.
The company possesses strong technical forces, perfect quality control means, and higher business management means, gathering a batch of industrial technical experts and business management talents and creating a rapidly developed “Juyuan chemical” road with the development ideas of specialization and large-scale production and the strategic philosophy of “manufacturing competitive products and creating national brands”. The company has two antimonous oxide production lines, which are developed and designed by the company’s technicians, where advantages of other production technologies in China are combined and advanced top blowing and control black-spot technologies are adopted, with high automation degree of equipments and advanced level in China. In particular, in order to comply with requirements of customers to products’ environmental protection in recent years, the company has conducted Pb-control and Cd-control. It took the lead in researching and using Cd element analysis method in the same industry and analyzing and detecting a large quantity of samples. Consequently, contents of poisonous metals, such as Cd, Hg, and Pb, can meet strict requirements of customers.

The company adheres to protecting the environment and concerning future of the human being, devotes to researching, developing, producing, and applying world leading antimony oxide flame-retardant master batches. In 2012, our company established masterbatch production base in Suzhou high-tech zone, and launched with the world’s advanced level of Nylon high purity flame retardant masterbacthes, the quality has been recognized by the well-known international customers.

In order to get close to the market and be convenient for customers, the company’s headquarters is set in Furui Building, No. 1509 Caoan Road, Shanghai City; the Sales Department (foreign trade) is set in Jialong Building, No. 1988, South Qilian shan Road. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate. We pursue to make innovations to management, so as to open ways based on quality, and to meet users’ requirements with all our strengths. Welcome to call and write to us. Let’s create beautiful tomorrow jointly.

Published on 19.9.2018    

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