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This product is offered by Anqing Zhongchuang ENG.Co.,Ltd
To get more information or to order this product please contact the company directly.

Please contact Mr./Mrs. Paul,   email: lecithin02@aqzcgc.com.cn
The product offered regular suppliers
Product name Lecithin 
Quantity 15000 mt
Price 1000 USD/MT
Supply terms Main Product: Standard lecithin(transparent liquid),Powder lecithin.
Packing:20kg plastic drum,200kg metal drum,1000kg IBC tank.
Payment term:TT, L/C accepted.
Supply term: normally lead time is 7 days for 1 container at least.


Company name Anqing Zhongchuang ENG.Co.,Ltd
Mr./Mrs. Paul
Address Weiwu Road ,Daqiao Develop Zone
Anqing city,Anhui Province
Email lecithin02@aqzcgc.com.cn
Phone +8617681278127
Fax 05565592161
Additional information ZC LECITHIN is the largest manufacturer of Lecithin in China established in 1996.we are professionally engages in producing high quality lecithin products include transparent lecithin and powder lecithin.Our annual output is 15000mt.We have 3 factory right now.

Published on 30.7.2018    

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