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Ephedrine HCl

This product is offered by GT Tladi General Trading & Projects
To get more information or to order this product please contact the company directly.

Please contact Mr./Mrs. Monde,   email: gttladigeneral@gmail.com
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Product name Ephedrine HCl 
Quantity 1000Kg
Price $900/kg
Supply terms Product Name: Ephedrine Hydrochloride
CAS Number: 134-71-4
Formula: C10H15NO · HCl
Formula Weight: 201.69 g/mol
Appearance (Color): White
Appearance (Form): Conforms to Requirements
Powder, Crystals, Granules, Crystalline Powder and/or Chunks
Infrared spectrum: Conforms to Structure
Solubility (Turbidity): Clear 50mg/ml, H2O
Solubility (Color): Colorless
Purity (TLC): > 99 % _
Titration by AgNO3 98.5 – 101.5 %


Company name GT Tladi General Trading & Projects
Mr./Mrs. Monde
Address 14 Butler Street
South Africa
Email gttladigeneral@gmail.com
Phone +27 782771923
Fax +27 862771459
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Published on 22.1.2018    

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