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Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610015
Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.
is a




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Information on Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

We are proudly marching ahead into the 21st century to become the world's leading multinational chemicals company. Being a manufacturer and a supplier of Organic / Inorganic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Food / Feed Additives, Food, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Cosmetic colors and Intermediates, we will always develop businesses under the themes of 'environment', 'health' , 'quality', 'price' and 'service'. Our teams of highly skilled technical, sales, marketing, manufacturing and customer service personnel are dedicated to meet the needs of our customers with our high quality products and service that you expect from Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

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