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Information on XD Biochem Limited
XD BIOCHEM is a manufacturer and distributor of Fine Chemicals and Biochemicals in Bulk, Semi-Bulk and Research quantities.
Our business originates from the production and sales of amino acids, amino acid derivatives and peptide reagents. With the increasing market demand for biochemical products, we began to produce and sell various glucosides, biological buffers and diagnostic reagents in 2018. Thanks to the rapid development of CRO and CMO in China, we began to produce and sell pharmaceutical blocks and special chemicals in 2020. At the same time, we also sell various chemical reagents as distributor,mainly serving China's rapidly developing R&D institutions.
The secret of our success is that we can provide products according to the needs of customers and the market, and always maintain innovation and extensive cooperation. If you have a new product to develop, we are very willing to provide all help to realize it as soon as possible.
At present, we can supply more than 2000 kinds of products and keep inventory. Our customers include multinational corporations, R & D institutions, chemical and reagent distributors etc.
Today,China's biochemical products are gradually in the leading position in the world. We have a lot of R & D personnel involved. Every day, we can develop a lot of new products to meet the needs of the world. We are very willing to provide you with high-quality products and good prices.
Welcome to contact us.
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