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Shandong Minglang Chemical Co., Ltd

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Shandong Minglang Chemical Co., Ltd

Glycerophosphocholine (GPC)

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Information on Shandong Minglang Chemical Co., Ltd
Minglang Chemical is owned by Minglang Group,is a large manufacturer of fine chemicals and cosmetic materials that integrates R&D,production and sales together.It is located in the east of the Nanwang Economic Development District in Linzi,and the west of it is Qilu Petroleum Chemical Group,the east of it is Zijiang Road and the transportation is convenient.The enterprise covers an area of 9,000 square meters and the building area can be 3,200 square meters. In recent years,the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives,plant extraction,industrial chemicals industry.Minglang Chemical, which have passed the ISO9001&ISO14001 quality system certification, with products sold to several dozens of countries and regions in North and South America,Europe,Asia,Australia and South Africa,hence enjoying extremely high reputation and popularity on the international stage.The Company also boasts a team of professional talents engaged in chemical management,production,R&D.We had been cooperated with Tianjing University and Shandong University on more than ten projects for years and which had been in mass production on the market. We now have more than 80 people in our team and built research center in Tianjin and Jinan.
The business philosophy of the enterprise is'to be innovation, and outstanding' and the management philosophy of it is 'First class products, management, service and talents' and the goal of the enterprise is'quality first, superior service, strict management and top the credit'.The enterprise is looking forward to cooperating with the friends both at home and abroad to seek development and bright future.
Shandong Minglang Chemical Co., Ltd also offers: Glycerol tristearate     Glycerol monooleate     Glycerol formal     Glycerol ethoxylate     Glycerine     Gly-Gly-Gly     Gly-gln     Glutathione     Glutaric acid     Glutaraldehyde     Glufosinate-ammonium     Glucoraphanin     Glucaric acid, calcium salt     Glabridin     Ginkgo extract     Gibberellic acid     GHRP-6     Germanium(IV) oxide     Geraniol     Gentamycin sulfate     Gemcitabine     Gatifloxacine     Gatifloxacin hydrochloride     gamma-Valerolactone     gamma-Oryzanol     gamma-Cyclodextrin     Galaxolide     Galanthamine hydrobromide     Gadoxetate disodium     Gadolinium Nitrate     Gadobutrol     Gabexate mesylate     Gabapentin-lactam     Fusidine     Fusidic acid     Furfurylamine     Furazidin     Furaneol     Fumaronitrile     Fumaric acid     Fullerene C60     Fullerene     Fructosyl transferase     Fructose-1,6-diphosphate     Fosfomycin tromethamine     Fosfomycin Trometamol Impurity D     Fosfomycin calcium     Formylhydrazine     Formic acid     Formamidinesulfinic acid    

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