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Information on Amadis Chemical Company Limited
Founded in 2011, Amadis Chemical Company Limited is an innovative manufacturer of chemical products and technical service providers. Our business includes sales, manufacture, and service covering building block, key intermediate and API, especially for the service of process development, pilot scale and manufacture with high quality.
Our core products include: Carbohydrates, Nucleosides, Nucleotides, Phosphoramidites,APIS and Pharmaceutical intermediates.
We obtained the certification of ISO9001:2008 (international quality management system certification). With strict internal management, we can provide high quality product, which are exported to the United States, Europe and Japan, etc.
We have excellent talents with rich experience in the areas of research, production and quality control. Meanwhile, the company has advanced equipments to help to deliver high quality production and service.
We also have a number of sales with rich experience in international trade , who can provide good customer experiences.In order to ensure the quality of products, a comprehensive testing and analysis will be provided to our customers.
We will provide our customers with first-class products and services by strengthening internal management and expanding the business market.

Amadis Chemical Company Limited also offers: SMI-16a     SMI 4a     SMER28     Sm 5887     SlX 2119     Slv-2436     SL 327     SKL2001     Skepinone-L     SJG 136     Sitagliptin phosphate 1-hydrate     Sirolimus     Siramesine hydrochloride     Sinefungin     Simvastatin sodium salt     Simvastatin     Simeprevir     Silychristin     Silver methanesulfonate     Silodosin     Sildenafil citrate     Silanecarboxamide, pentamethyl-     Side chain for meropenem     Shyobunone     Shp099 hydrochloride     SHP099     SH-4-54     SGX-523     SGI-7079     SGI-1776     SGI-1027     Sgc707     SGC2085     SGC0946     Sgc-gak-1     SF2523     SEW2871     Setastine hydrochoride     Sertaconazole nitrate     Seratrodast     SEP-0372814     Senicapoc     Semaxinib(su 5416)     Sematilide monohydrochloride 1-hydrate     Semaglutide     Selumetinib     Selpercatinib     Selonsertib     Selisistat     Selinexor trans-isomer    

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