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Information on Sancai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sancai Industry is involved in supplying of fine chemicals, food and nutrition,personal care, medical intermediate etc, We can also customize chemicals for our customers.Taking advantage of innovative technology and excellent talents and through over 15 years of development,We have stabled good relation with clients in and abroad.

In order to be competitive on the market. We have established the global marketing network, independent research center, testing center, and key product manufacturing plant. Our plants all produce the products in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality management syste. Best quality product is the root of our survival.

We take “Honesty,Unity,Innovation,Progressive”as our business spirits.“Reliable quality and excellent service” is our commitment to every customer, We are always dedicated to provide customers with what they need reliable products and quality services. “Win-win cooperation”is our goal to get with our clients. We insist on taking “SC” as a brand for the chemical leader.
Sancai Industry Co.,Ltd. also offers: Chitin     Chimassorb 944     Chimassorb 2020     Chenodeoxycholic acid     Cetylpyridinium chloride     Cetylpyridinium chloride     Cetyl palmitate     Cetyl alcohol     Cetrimide     Cetearyl glucoside     Cetearyl alcohol     Ceteareth     Cesium iodide     Cesium hydroxide     Cesium chloride     Cesium carbonate     Cerium(IV) nitrate     Cerium(III) nitrate 6-hydrate     Cerium(III) 2-ethylhexanoate     Ceric ammonium nitrate     Ceresine wax     Ceramide     Ceramide     Cephalosporin c sodium     Cephalosporin C     Cephalexin     Cellulose, microcrystalline     Cellulose diacetate     Cellulose acetate butyrate     Celite     Celecoxib     Cefuroxime axetil     Ceftriaxone sodium sterile     Ceftriaxone disodium     Cefsulodin sodium     Cefotaxime sodium     Cefmetazole sodium     Cefixime     Cefepime     Cefazolin sodium     Cedrol     Cediranib     Cbz-L-Valine     Caspofungin     Casein     Caryophylline     Carvedilol     Carvacrol     Cartap hydrochloride     Carnosic acid    

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