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Information on Iris Biotech GmbH
IRIS Biotech is specialized in reagents for Peptide Synthesis, PEGylation, Life Science Research and Biocatalysis. We have specific know-how and production capabilities to manufacture and supply products from the following areas from Grams to Multi-Ton Lots:

  • Starting Materials for Peptide Synthesis, Peptidomimetic and Medicinal Chemistry
    Protected Amino Acids, Coupling Reagents, Linkers and Resins, Natural and Unusual Amino Acids and Building Blocks used in Peptide Synthesis, Peptidomimetic and Medicinal Chemistry.

  • Reagents for PEGylation
    Monodisperse and polydisperse hydrophilic linkers, used to improve solubility and pharmacokinetic properties of peptides, proteins, biopharmaceuticals and organic drug molecules. We carry the world wide largest portfolio, as we supply short monodisperse compounds with increasing chain length up to large, polydisperse polymers.

  • Reagents for Life Science Research
    Enzyme Substrates and Special Proteins, Dyes, Diagnostic and Biochemistry Tools
    Natural Products, with biological and pharmacological activity, like immunsuppressiva: Aflatoxines, Cyclosporines, Geldanamycin, Rapamycin, etc.)
    Carbohydrates (Derivatives of Arabinose, Galactose, Glucose, Xylose, etc.)

  • Biocatalysis
    We offer a wide range of unusual and innovative enzymes, immobilised enzymes and enzyme carriers for modern biocatalysis. Synthesis or optical resolution of racemic mixtures of Amines, Amides and Esters are applications, which are wide used. Esterification and transesterification with lipases and esterases are used in commercial productions from food industry to biodiesel production.

  • Contract Manufacturing
    We are carrying out many Contract Manufacturing projects in these areas (cGMP and ISO9000); our strong points are unusual derivatives with one or several chiral centres.
Iris Biotech GmbH also offers: Boc-4-abz-OH     Boc-4,4-DfHPhe-OH (rac.)     Boc-3Aze-OH     Boc-3-APAc-OH     Boc-3-Amino-adamantane-1-carboxylic acid     Boc-3-amino-3-(adamantan-1-yl)-propionic acid     Boc-3-amino-2-(adamantan-1-yl)-propionic acid     Boc-3-Amb-OH     Boc-3-AM-PhAcOH     Boc-3-Abz-OH     Boc-3,4-dehydro-Pro-OH     Boc-3,3-dmP-OH (S)     Boc-3,3-dmP-OH (rac)     Boc-2-APAc-OH     Boc-2-Amb-OH     Boc-2-AM-PhAcOH     Boc-2-Aic     Boc-2-Abz-OH     Boc-2,4-methanoproline     Boc-12-Ado-OH     Boc-11-Aun-OH     Boc-10-Adc-OH     Boc-1-aminomethyl-THP-COOH     Boc-1-aminomethyl-cyclopentane-COOH     Boc-1-Amino-cyclohexane acetic acid     Boc-1-Amc-OH     Boc-1,4-trans-DAMCH.HCl     Boc-1,4-trans-DAMCH     Boc-1,4-trans-DACH.HCl     Boc-1,4-trans-ACHC-OH     Boc-1,4-trans-ACHA-OH     Boc-1,4-cis-DAMCH.HCl     Boc-1,4-cis-ACHC-OH     Boc-1,4-cis-ACHA-OH     Boc-1,3-cis-DAMCH.HCl     Boc-1,3-cis-ACHC-OH     Boc-1,2-trans-ACHeC-OH     Boc-1,2-cis-Achec-oh     Boc-1,2-cis-ACHC-OH     Boc-1,2-ACHC-OH (1S,2S)     Boc-1,2-ACHC-OH (1S,2R)     Boc-1,2-ACHC-OH (1R,2S)     Boc-1,2-ACHC-OH (1R,2R)     Boc-(R)-Pga-OH     Boc-(3S,4S)-Sta-OH     Boc-(3S,4S)-ACHPA-OH     Boc-(3R,4S)-Sta-OH     Boc,Z-AEEEE     Boc,Pr-EDA     Boc,Pbf-amidino-EtOH    

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