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Information on Fox Chemicals GmbH
Fox Chemicals GmbH is a young, dynamic and full-service supplier and distributor of speciality products and laboratory equipment, representing quality manufacturers around the world. These strong and narrow partnerships with the producers, give the advantage to the customers, to get a very competitive prices, a short delivery time, the documents important and indispensable for his work, and at all events, a common business in the mutual respect and the transparency.

Fox Chemicals GmbH is specialised in Fine-chemicals, Organics, Inorganics, Pure elements,Rare Earth iodides, oxides...Selenium & Selenium compounds.....for Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, Crystals..... industries, in lab-pack, semi-bulk and bulk-quantities.

We supply also laboratory equipment, like:
Balances, Immersion Thermostat, Stainless steel Tanks, Thermostatic Baths for water and oil, Precision - Circulation and/or movement Baths, Refrigerated Baths, Thermostatic bath with magnetic stirring, Dry block, Sand Bath, Magnetic stirrers with and without heating, Hot plates, Orbital and Reciprocating Shakers, Vibrating orbital Shakers, Rocking and Orbital rocking Shakers, Rotatory and Roller mixers, Incubators and Flocculators-Jar Test.

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Fox Chemicals GmbH also offers: Tetrahydrofurfuryl chloride     Tetrahydro-thiophene-3-ol     Tetrahydro-2H-pyran-4-ol     Tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-ylacetic acid     Tetrafluoroterephthalonitrile     Tetra(hydroxymethyl)phosphoniumchloride     tert-Butylcis-(2-hydroxymethyl)cyclopropylcarbamate     tert-Butyl trans-(2-hydroxymethyl)cyclopropylcarbamate     tert-Butyl N-[2-(tosyloxy)ethyl]carbamate     tert-Butyl N-(2-hydroxypropyl)carbamate     tert-Butyl glycinate     tert-Butyl ethyl malonate     tert-Butyl cis-4-hydroxycyclohexylcarbamate     tert-Butyl carbamate     tert-Butyl 4-oxopiperidine-1-carboxylate     tert-Butyl 4-amino-2-fluorobenzoate     tert-Butyl 4-(4-amino-2-fluorophenyl)tetrahydro-1(2H)-pyrazinecarboxylate     tert-Butyl 4-(3-hydroxypropyl)tetrahydro-1(2H)-pyridinecarboxylate     tert-Butyl 4'-(bromomethyl)-3'-fluorobiphenyl-2-carboxylate     tert-Butyl 3-bromomethylindole-1-carboxylate     tert-Butyl 3-aminobenzylcarbamate     tert-Butyl 3-(bromomethyl)pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate     tert-Butyl 2-(aminomethyl)phenylcarbamate     tert-Butyl 2,2,2-trichloroacetimidate     Terbium(III) nitrate 6-hydrate     Terbium(III) iodide, anhydrous     Terbium(III) hydride     Terbium(III) chloride 6-hydrate     Terbium(III) bromide, anhydrous     Terbium vanadate     Terbium triflate     Terbium sulfide     Terbium sulfate 8-hydrate     Terbium perchlorate     Terbium oxalate hydrate     Terbium fluoride oxide     Terbium fluoride     Terbium chloride anhydrous     Terbium carbonate hydrate     Terbium acetylacetonate 3-hydrate     Terbium acetate, hydrate     Terbium (III/IV) oxide     Terbium     Tenofovir     Teniposide     Tellurium(IV) oxide     Tellurium(IV) iodide     Tellurium(IV) ethoxide     Tellurium(IV) chloride     Tellurium(IV) bromide    

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