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Alcatraz Chemicals

Sulfoacetic acid 50 % solution

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Information on Alcatraz Chemicals
Alcatraz Chemicals, an ISO 9001:2015 & 14001 : 2015 certified company was established at Vadodara, India in 1985 to manufacture Specialty Chemicals with a focus on indigenization of Electroplating Intermediates which were being imported at that time.We manufacture Specialty Chemicals which are used as Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Cosmetic Intermediates and Metal Finishing Intermediates.

After 3 decades of successful development of Specialty Chemicals and Electroplating Intermediates , we are now sufficiently experienced to go to the next level of manufacturing high technology Pharmaceutical Intermediates. Some of the chemicals initially developed for electroplating have already enabled us to supply modified versions of these intermediates to Pharmaceutical industries, where they have passed the quality standard and requirement of internationally renowned Pharmaceutical companies.

Our core strength in manufacturing is the field of Sulfonations and production of Mono, Di and Tri Sulfonic Acids .

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