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Refine Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Company Type: Producer
Refine Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter for chemical material. We have diversified activities in R&D, application development, production, sales and also trading. Our factory was established in September of year 2000 with total area 150,000 square meters, we specialize in the business of organic intermediate, daily chemical, chemical additive, and fine chemicals. Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification.

With the increasing of export business, our exporting company was established in the year of 2015. In the past 7 years since its establishment, we have won many high-quality customers ranked high in the industry with high-quality products, first-class services and most competitive prices. Our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, South America, Southeast Asian countries, and have been highly praised by customers.

We also have an international procurement team to engage in procurement of chemical engineering materials in China for international companies. Based on our considerate service and strict quality management procedure, we have assisted many foreign large-scale companies in completing the procurement of various chemical engineering products, and got high evaluation.

We will be always committed to becoming the best choice for customers in chemical industry
Refine Chemical Co.,Ltd. offers 1425 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Refine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Exporting Dept.
South Gongye Road
Jinan, P.R.China
Phone +86 15665752805
Fax +86 15665752805
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Sales contact Mia Tang
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