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Anhui Chufeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Chufeng was established in 2020, located in Innovation Industrial Park in Hefei High-tech district, is one of the leading pioneers which dedicates to developing, manufacturing and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates to worldwide pharmaceutical companies.
We have two CM plants in Anhui and Hunan province that cover a total area of 100,000square meters. Moreover, we also have built close relationships with top labs and research institutes.
Through unremitting effort of our research team, we have built up a GMP system and achieved a number of contract manufacturing orders from both domestic and foreign customers. We have expended our business worldwide covering the major pharmaceutical markets like India, Europe and Middle-east.
Anhui Chufeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. offers 146 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Anhui Chufeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
101-10, H5 Building, Innovation Industrial Park, High-Tech District
Hefei City, P.R.China
Phone +86-17718198508
Fax +86-551-86418508
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