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Allfluoro Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Company Type: Leading producer
Founded in 2015, Allfluoro pharmaceutical co. ltd. (AFPA) is a privately held, organic fluorine company in China.
As one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorochemicals in China, AFPA committed in fluoride pharmaceutical, fluoride pesticide, fluoropolymer, electronic and electrical, cosmetics, fluorinated surfactant and so on industry.

AFPA products include fluorinated aromatic intermediates, fluorinated aliphatic intermediates, fluorinated heterocyclic compounds, fluorinated electronics and so on fluorochemicals.

With a strong focus on the development of high purity, high performance fluorinated intermediates and services for our advanced API developing customers and high technology customers, AFPA provide customized services, production and support to the global community.
AFPA have a 600 square meters laboratory in Shanghai, AFPA have a professional team with most peoples have more than 15years experience to do all kinds of fluorination reactions, that provides comprehensive support to our customers worldwide.
Full analytical support including HPLC, GC-MS and NMR and so on.
Our factory in Jiangxi is docked with the Shanghai laboratory to provide customers with scale-up production of various fluorinated products.

AFPA offer teams of senior experimenter, chemical engineer, good relationship partners and professional sales staff to meet the exacting, evolving needs of our customers.

Allfluoro Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. offers 10787 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Allfluoro Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
No.598, Guanghua Road, Minhang District
Shanghai, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-26137118
Fax +86-21-33275002
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Sales contact Abby Wang (Sales manager)
Homepage www.allfluoro.com

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