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Setarvan Chemical mfg.

We are chemical manufacturer from 1984, with well educated and professional Team.


Established in 2001 by well- educated, academic and engineered team in chemicals. By using updated innovation and well- equipped factory, SETARVAN team got developed in local market and now is opening international market chances by its high quality products.


•SETARVAN is only producer of STPP in Iran which achieved in base of its team knowledge.
•with installing heating stows it can produce refectory products using in steal and casting industries.
•By using high- tech dehumidify and purification procedure, quality of SETARVAN products is higher than competitors
•Vast spaces of factory and anti-acid pools provided special facilities to supply wide range products in base of customers tastes.


Manufacturing chemical materials in wide range considering last scientific procedures, delivery timely in best conditions to our clients and finally supporting them with after sales services define our goals. Our customers are upstream industries like steal factories. Met inquiries of ceramic, detergent and some other factories by our products, too.

Address Setarvan Chemical mfg.
No.63, Street No.10, Rangsazan Industrial Zone
Shahreza, Isfahan, Iran
Phone +98 31 53323366
Fax +98 31 53323367

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