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New Natural Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Company Type: Producer
New Natural is a Developer, Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of herbal extracts. We specialize in the use of modern high-tech separation technology – supercritical CO2 extraction. We have the industrial production and laboratory devices, multi-disciplinary technical means to conduct natural medicines, expensive spices, food, coloring and many other aspects of separation and extraction.
Our Products include herbal extract, plant extract, essential oil and etc. These products are widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, health products, etc., which are exported to the United States, Europe and Korea, overseas markets.
New Natural Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. offers 536 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address New Natural Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
NO.18 of jiudu Road, SongJiang District
201799, P.R.China
Phone +86-21-51558072 / +86 18817331185
Fax +86 21-62418781
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Homepage www.iherbextract.com

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