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Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc.

Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc. is an independently high-tech bio-pharmaceutical company specializing in manufacture, synthesis and supply of pharmaceutical reference standards and API related compounds. We are engaged in the business of pharmaceutical impurities & chemicals nearly 20 years. Through years of effort, our experienced R&D team overcomed multiple technical problems and synthesized various of high level and challenging pharmacetutical reference materials. Most of our procucts are in stock with gram level. Our R&D team has a proven track record for delivering custom synthesis projects and specially designed molecules with quantity and quality as per client required.
Up to now, we have provided supreme-quality products and R&D services to more than 50 countries’ clients. In addition, we have established long-term in-depth cooperations with many worldwide pharma, bio-tech corporations, clinical and biological analysis CROs, as well as universities, hospitals and other research institutions. Our laboratory meet the criteria of the ISO9001 quality management system and all R&D products conform to EP or USP standards. Products we supply find their application in various fields like phar rmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, petrochemicals, environmental testing, pesticides, purfumery chemicals, dyes, etc..
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Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc. offers 10552 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address Aozeal Certified Standards (AOCS), Inc.
1151 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 208H
Alameda, CA 94502, USA
Phone +1 (510) 225-4077
Fax +1 (510) 373-2446
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