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Company Type: Bulk chemical supplier
KEMAT Partners In Business
Leading European supplier of polybutenes and related products

- Privately held company founded in 1989
- The largest independent PIB Supplier in EMEA
- Unparalleled experience and insights in PIB markets and applications
- Supplier relationships for 30 years
- Active sales in 39 countries across EMEA
- Speaking 10 languages

Distribution centres in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom with readily available stock across all grades.
- Wide range of high quality PIBs
- Bulk (glycol heated) tank containers
- IBCs and drum packaging
- Drumming and blending facility
- Permanent stock of heated bulk
- 7 day service delivery agreement

Excelling in providing high quality products with a sound supply chain, KEMAT’s friendly team offers outstanding customer support.
* Wide range of high quality PIBs: liquid and solid
* Competitive prices
* Flexible supply options and tailor made blends
* Quality control laboratory
* Small enough to care, big enough to cope
* Personal pride in meeting customer requirements
* Supplier relationships of 28 years
* Market knowledge
* Customer satisfaction:
- availability
- quality
- end-to-end supply chain


- Metalworking Fluids
- Lubricating Greases
- Lubricating Oils
- Viscosity Modifiers
- Two Stroke Engine Oils
- Compressor Oils
- Hydraulic Fluids
- Transmission Oils
- Insulating Oils

Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings
- Industrial Adhesives
- Industrial Sealants
- Automotive Sealants
- Corrosion Protection
- Roofing
- Cabling
- Coatings

Plastics & Rubber
- Rubber Parts
- Road Marking
- Tyres

- Crop Protection Adhesives
- Agricultural Film

Food, Medical & Personal Care
- Gum Base
- Cosmetics
- Food Packaging
- Medical Adhesives

Fuel Additives
- Diesel Fuel Additives
- Gasoline Fuel Additives

KEMAT Polybutenes
Polybutenes are clear liquid oligomers typically used as plasticizers, carriers and lubricants which are sold in many different grades (liquid and solid) determined by viscosity which is related to molecular weight.
This reflects the variation on molecular weights which range from 280 to around 3M g/mol.

The main properties of KEMAT Polybutenes are:
- Non toxic
- Permanently tacky
- UV stable
- Non drying
- Corrosion preventative
- High dielectric properties
- Thermal stability
- Soluble in mineral oil
- Burns without residue
- Tasteless
- Odourless

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.
KEMAT S.A. offers 32 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address KEMAT S.A.
Rue de la Sablonnière 7
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Phone +32 2 219 48 11
Fax +32 2 219 46 58
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Homepage www.kematbelgium.com

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