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PeptART Bioscience GmbH

Company Type: Leading producer
PeptART Bioscience GmbH is an independent Swiss company with its own manufacturing facilities in Switzerland. Our team combines in-depth knowledge with many years of expertise in the field of amino acid derivatives, peptides and related compounds. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and approved as supplier of GMP starting materials by various API manufacturers. We produce effective solutions by combining the informed theoretical understanding of our PhD-level staff with many years of hands-on experience in peptide manufacturing.

Our strengths: • Catalogue amounts to bulk quantities • High quality products, environmentally responsible and safe practices • Rapid, flawless processing of orders at attractive prices • Customer-friendly and efficient service • Made in Switzerland • Available to customers worldwide • Service in three languages: German, English and French.

Our aim: We want to become your supplier and partner for
- Pseudoproline Buildingblocks
- Amino Acid Derivatives
- Fmoc-Dipeptides
- GMP starting materials

Most of our products are in stock and, upon receipt of an order, will be shipped within one business day.
PeptART Bioscience GmbH offers 217 chemical products. You can view the product list

Address PeptART Bioscience GmbH
Weidenmattweg 4
4448 Läufelfingen, Switzerland
Phone +41 62 285 2060
Fax +41 62 285 2061
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