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DonauChem s.r.o.

For companies involved in production of drugs, pharmaceuticals and food supplements we offer input raw materials suitable for pharmaceutical use. We provide necessary documentation of delivered pharmaceutical substances required for registration of final drugs. Producers of our offered pharmaceutical substances have implemented quality management systems confirmed by the relevant certificates (ISO, GMP, etc.).

We offer you solutions for improving a long-lasting quality of food; how to provide the right texture, consistency and stability to food, how to retain and improve sensory properties such as taste, smell and colour, how to simplify, facilitate production and use of certain foods and how to ensure specific nutritional requirements of food consumers.
Our company offers a wide range of additives to all segments of food industry, i.e.

• dairy,
• meat,
• poultry,
• mill-bakery,
• confectionery-pastry,
• starch,
• canning,
• freezing and fishing,
• fat and cosmetic,
• distilling,
• brewing & malting,
• wine,
• non-alcoholic beverages,
• tobacco
Additives we delivered, meeting the legislative requirements of the SR and EU, are characterized by high quality and hygienic value. Our objective is to take part in achieving of qualitative requirements of your final products. We cooperate on a long-term basis with important European (DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd, Nutrinova, Sicna srl, Expressions Aromatiques, AROMA BAZIS Kft, COGNIS GmbH, CYBER COLORS, Marigot Ltd.) as well as third-country suppliers.
For more information on individual products and their application, please refer to our product offer or contact our product managers who shall be happy to provide you with all the necessary information concerning the products as well as professional consulting services on their use.

Address DonauChem s.r.o.
Trnavská cesta 82/A
821 02 Bratislava, Slovenia
Phone +421 2 4920 6501
Fax +421 2 4920 6500
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