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Arfeen International (pvt) Ltd

Having started off primarily with medicines and pharmaceuticals, by 1969 the third generation of arfeen's leaped into unexploited territories locally and beyond the frontiers of Pakistan.

Today almost a half of century from its inception, arfeen International has become one of the most respected business houses of Pakistan with a unique reputation for pioneering innovation throughout the domains of International trade, industry and services and partnerships in most countries around the globe.

The arfeen business philosophy is soaked with age-old traditions of commerce and adherence to uncompromising moral values with a commitment to thrive to stay ahead through constant innovation.

The experiences of the group and the strength of its partnerships have been galvanized into an invincible belief that quality is fundamental to success in every facet of business – the people that it employs, the workplace it avails, the service it renders, the goods it trades, the social obligations it fulfills and the environment it generates.

While Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics, Silicones & Specialties continue to be a cherished part of the trading activity, arfeen has associated itself with major operators in the field of Machinery & Building products, Services & Telecommunication.

The Chemical division has grown to be a flagship of the Group in terms of professionalism and dynamic marketing. The division has over the years demonstrated a track record of remarkable growth. Today the division is recognized as having some of the country’s largest industry specific sales volumes outdoing major multinational organizations.

Our team is forever committed to improving the quality of life by bringing in the best of innovative technologies, services and products. We take pride in affirming to have onboard a group of highly knowledgeable, competent and motivated individuals who are well respected in the global market and integral to our businesses.

The team at division petrochimique is ever ready to cater to your needs and can be contacted at any of our offices throughout Pakistan.

Address Arfeen International (pvt) Ltd
C.I 6/4 Abdullah Haroon Road
Karachi - 75530, Pakistan
Phone +92-21-3587 2160-62
Fax +92-21-3587 2165
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Sales contact Mr Zahabiya Lakda

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